Webinar: Legal Checklist for Congregations

Webinar Title:  Legal Checklist for Congregations

Date and Time:  Feb. 21, 2019, 12 p.m., CST

Hosts:  Thomas Cunniff, general counsel, ELCA
             Aja M. Favors, associate general counsel, ELCA 

Cost:  Free

Registration:  Registration is now closed. To receive a link and password for the webinar recording, write to Thomas.Cunniff@elca.org.

Description:  Congregations can unwittingly create legal issues and liabilities through inattention to basic requirements and details related to corporate status, taxes, property, insurance and abuse prevention. Many of these issues can be prevented by using an ELCA-prepared checklist of key items for congregations to address. Join us for a free webinar where the ELCA legal staff will discuss the checklist and best legal practices for congregations. This webinar will be of particular interest to rostered ministers and lay congregational leaders and staff, including congregation council members and officers, church administrators, and pastors and deacons.

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