Nominations Process

The Churchwide Assembly and Church Council elect nominees to the council and to a number of boards and committees.  Nominees are selected by the Nominating Committee and by processes arranged by the Church Council.  The election process begins by offering ones name to be considered for nomination.  Please, read and complete the online Biographical Form:

To nominate someone else, please ask him or her to read and complete the Biographical Form or email the person’s name and contact information to the following address:

The Churchwide Assembly elects:

  • Church Council
  • Portico Benefit Services Board of Trustees
  • Mission Investment Fund Board of Trustees
  • 1517 Media Board of Trustees
  • Committee on Appeals
  • Committee on Discipline
  • Nominating Committee

The Church Council elects members of:

  • Endowment Fund Board of Trustees
  • Committee of Hearing Officers
  • Boards of Certain Social Ministry Organizations
  • Seminary Governing Boards
  • National Lutheran Campus Ministry, Inc., Board of Directors

If you are interested in being considered for nomination and possible election to a particular board or committee, please read and complete the online Biographical Form.


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