Social Issues

The ELCA is a church energized by lively engagement in faith and life, a church that rolls up our sleeves and gets to work. We encourage this kind of engagement with social concerns by providing written resources, fostering learning and encouraging action.

The following is a list of social issues that will take you to resources and links related to that issue, such as relevant ELCA social documents, resources for study and education, or ways to take action in your congregation, community and the world.

Hunger and poverty

“Through human decisions and actions, God is at work in economic life.”

The environment

“We pray, therefore, for the creativity and dedication to live more gently with the earth.”

Health and wellness

“Health care and healing are concrete manifestations of God’s ongoing care for and redemption of all creation.”

Race, ethnicity and culture

“Cultural differences still matter, but they can be seen for what God intends — blessings rather than means of enslavement.”

“Our witness is a response to God's faithful love received in Word and Sacraments. The bread and the wine, the body and blood of Christ, are a sacrament of love. As love and support are given you, you in turn must render love and support to Christ in his needy ones. You must feel with sorrow all the dishonor done to Christ in his holy Word, all the misery of Christendom, all the unjust suffering of the innocent, with which the world is everywhere filled to overflowing. You must fight, work, pray, and — if you cannot do more — have heartfelt sympathy.”

From the ELCA social statement, “Church in Society: A Lutheran Perspective”

Social Ministry Organizations