ELCA Leadership

We are committed to shared leadership

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is committed to diverse and interdependent leadership across its three expressions — in nearly 10,000 congregations, 65 synods and the churchwide organization. Leaders in these expressions work together, with guidance from the Churchwide Assembly, Church Council, Conference of Bishops, and elected churchwide officers, to ensure a strong foundation of leadership and support for the ELCA and its members as we do God’s work in the world. Together, guided by the Holy Spirit, we achieve things on a scale and scope that we could never do otherwise.

Become an ELCA leader

Do you feel called or even just a little curious about becoming a leader in the ELCA? The ELCA offers a wealth of opportunities to share in God’s work —pastors, deacons, campus ministers, global missionaries, youth and family ministers, teachers, lay leaders and more.

We need thoughtful, caring and courageous people to serve and lead the ELCA. We need faithful, joyful, hard-working and adventurous people who want to participate in God’s work of bringing healing and hope to the world. We need you, and we know there is a place in the ELCA where your passions and skills can be put to good use. Learn more about ELCA leadership opportunities and what education and training opportunities are available to you.

Find a leader

There are several easy ways to get in touch with ELCA leaders:
  1. Find a congregational leader
    Find your local pastor and deacons (Word and Sacrament and Word and Service leaders).
  2. Find a synod leader
    Find your regional and synodical staff leaders.
  3. Find a churchwide staff member
    Find a staff member.