Related Ministries

Members of the ELCA work and volunteer with a variety of ELCA-related groups, networks and programs across the country and around the world. ELCA related ministries have unique stories and roles adding to the larger story that makes up the ELCA.

Working together with these related ministries, we are able to be present in many different geographical and organizational settings that serve and work with children, youth, young adults, students, families and parents, leaders preparing for service, senior adults and skilled volunteers working to build churches from the ground up. There is no place where God is not already present and working in people’s lives and communities, and these are the places where God calls us to be active through our related ministries.

These related ministries of the ELCA include: In our efforts to do God’s work of restoring and reconciling communities, pursuing justice and peace, and encouraging people to be bold and active in their faith, ELCA members strive to work closely with and support this church’s related ministries. ELCA members continue to build new relationships and connections throughout the ELCA, across denominations and faiths, and with organizations that share a common vision both locally and globally. These ministries invite and value involvement and partnership.