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How do I request a mission builder in my congregation? What can Mission Builders offer a congregation or ministry?

The congregation or ministry doing the building assumes the role of general contractor and the Mission Builders provide management and labor. A pre-construction manager will help determine how to divide building between the Mission Builders and subcontractors. Normally, Mission Builders rough in the building, raising joists, walls and roof trusses; frame and install windows and doors; and side the building. Plumbing, electrical and HVAC installation is handled by subcontractors. Mission Builders can usually frame and close-in a building in three to four months. Sometimes Mission Builders stay to assist with finishing the work.

At the same time, Mission Builders are active participants in the life of the host congregation. Daily devotions, Bible studies and worship strengthen the faith life of both Mission Builders and members of the congregation. Mission Builders do not build the facility for but with the local congregation or ministry. The congregation or ministry provides hospitality, fellowship and volunteers. For a building program to be successful with the help of Mission Builders, all three of the above criteria are necessary.

Want to request a Mission Builder in your community? For more information, email or call 800-643-5295.

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