PROCLAIM the Good News of God In Christ Through Word and Deed

And every day in the temple and at home they did not cease to teach and proclaim Jesus as the Messiah. (Acts 5:43)

Think about proclaiming the good news. It's easy to envision a pastor in the pulpit on Sunday morning bringing the Word of God to the gathered people. But through our baptismal covenant, we all are called to proclaim the good news of God in Christ. Not just the pastor, but every one of us. And not just once, or once in a while. We are called to proclaim the good news day after day, never ceasing, just as the disciples did in the passage above.

Baptismal CovenantWhat does it mean to proclaim the good news of God in Christ? As the Church, acting together and as individuals, we have a story to tell. We have the story of God's movement in our lives through the saving actions of Jesus Christ. The life, death and resurrection of Jesus is not simply a story in the Bible. Rather it's the story of our lives and the story of what brings us life. We simply share with others how God is working in our lives. We share the story that shapes our story.

We are living out the story of Christ in us. We are proclaiming the story of God's saving grace in our lives when we:
  • Invite others to the church where Christ is proclaimed
  • Confess our faith through song and word in worship
  • Offer encouragement to a friend and others who are ill or in need
  • Show Christ through our daily lives and work, which express thanks to God and care for the common good
  • Talk about our faith in our homes and with others
  • Live prepared to give a reason for the hope within us
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Affirmation of Baptism

Do you intend to continue in the covenant God made with you in holy baptism:

live among God’s faithful people;

hear the word of God and share in the Lord’s Supper;

proclaim the good news of God in Christ through word and deed;

serve all people following the example of Jesus; and

strive for justice and peace in all the earth?”

Response: We do, and ask God to help and guide us.

(Evangelical Lutheran Worship, pg. 236)

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Resources for the Faith Practice: Proclaim the Good News of God in Christ Through Word and Deed. Use the resources below for help and additional information.

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