The Rev. Richard Graham

Bishop of the ELCA Metro Washington D.C. Synod

Bishop Richard Graham

We are seeking leaders who like to do difficult things. Some people are able to avoid difficulties, and many people can do difficult things if this is absolutely necessary. But in the Church in North America today, many difficulties have to be faced almost daily. We seek people whose hearts beat a little faster and who get out of bed a little quicker if they know they have a challenge to meet. We seek people with a bias toward action.  

We are seeking people who believe that Jesus Christ is the light of the world. The world believes, and too many church people believe, that Jesus is one of several or many valid religious options. But we claim that there is no hope in this life or the life to come for anyone unless Jesus died for us all and was raised to show the love of God intended for every human being. The Holy Spirit is poured out on all God's children so that lives of honor and dignity are lived in every culture.