What is Generation Zero-Hunger?

Why Generation Zero-Hunger?

Amid rising costs, global conflict, the lingering impact of COVID-19, and intensifying effects of climate change, the world faces a startling rise in hunger that is undoing decades of progress. The immediate consequences of climate change are making it harder to grow food. Violent conflicts threaten lives, land and livelihoods. The cost of food and basic commodities continues to climb, exacerbating chronic poverty and wealth inequities.

How can I be part of Generation Zero-Hunger?

Generation Zero-Hunger is a youth-driven fundraising challenge to support the programs of ELCA World Hunger, our church’s ministry to end hunger and poverty. Many groups will bring their offerings to the ELCA Youth Gathering in New Orleans, La.

At the Interactive Learning Space at the ELCA Youth Gathering, youth and young adult leaders will have the chance to participate in an unforgettable experience showing how hunger intersects with climate justice, disaster and advocacy, and to learn tangible ways of reducing hunger in their own communities as ambassadors of Generation Zero-Hunger.

Fundraising Ideas

ELCA World Hunger supports more than 200 projects in more than 60 countries every year, including the United States. Fifty years of generosity have made this work possible. Below are some examples from ELCA Good Gifts of how you can make a difference. Pick a project or two, set a goal with your church community, and see how you can help change the story of hunger in our world!

  • $50 could provide a community with five fruit-tree seedlings. These low-maintenance trees are an investment in the community that can span generations, protecting the soil from erosion and providing nutritious fruit to children and adults alike.
  • $50 can help a farmer grow! With new tools, seeds and agricultural training, a family can start their own small garden, improve their daily nutrition and increase their earning power.
  • $100 can feed 50 people through a variety of feeding ministries, connecting guests to the resources they need.
  • $500 can provide a family with a cow, which can produce as many as 3 gallons of nutritious, calcium-packed milk. That milk can also be used to make cheese, yogurt, butter and other dairy products to eat and sell for a steady source of income.
  • $500 empowers four women to build a new business — weaving, baking or running a storefront, for example — that creates a steady source of income and helps their families escape poverty.
  • $2,500 can provide water for as many as 500 families. With a simple water well, spring box or other water point, communities gain access to clean, safe water. People spend less money on medical expenses and more on food and education. And instead of spending hours each day gathering water for the family, women and children have time for work and school.
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