Current Social Writing Projects

Thoughtful, active participation in society is vital to the mission of the ELCA as we join in God's work in the world. The ELCA teaches that we, as individual members and as an organized faith community, are liberated by God’s love to share that love by serving and seeking justice for the neighbor—questions, ambiguities, complexities and all. Various kinds of written materials aid this mission.

The social writing projects described here may include, at different times, ELCA social statements, social messages, social policy resolutions, studies, moral deliberation tools and study guides. These resources are prepared according to ELCA protocol and serve as documents for teaching, discernment and action as our church participates in what God is up to in human society and the whole creation.

Currently a task force is working on a social statement on church, state, and civic participation. Right now, a draft social statement is available for public feedback. To learn more about the task force, the social statement process and how to participate, please go to Feedback on the draft will be accepted through September 30, 2024. The social statement is currently scheduled to be voted on at the Churchwide Assembly in 2025.

Social Message on Gun-Related Violence and Trauma

A second writing project now underway is the development of an ELCA social message on gun violence. Social messages are ELCA teaching documents that draw from existing social teaching but throw a fuller and sharper spotlight on a particular social issue. A draft version of this social message was released this fall for public feedback. The feedback period has now closed, but you can email any last comments by February 15, 2024. The draft will be revised in light of the public feedback and then considered for adoption by the ELCA Church Council in late March of 2024.

Human Sexuality Reconsiderations

After a seven-year process of discernment and dialogue across the ELCA, the 2009 Churchwide Assembly voted to adopt Human Sexuality: Gift and Trust as a social statement of the ELCA. In 2022, the Churchwide Assembly authorized two reconsiderations (see pages 4-5 and 11) of the social statement. To learn more about the process and its timeline, click here.

The Climate Crisis Social Message is now available at

Bible and flag

The ELCA is developing a social statement on Civic Life and Faith, the relationship of church and state and related matters, as called for by the 2019 ELCA Churchwide Assembly.

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Borderline Memorial

A 60-Day Journey Toward Justice
in a Culture of Gun Violence

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