Journal of Lutheran Ethics 2015 Topics

At its annual September meeting, the Journal of Lutheran Ethics Advisory Council considers suggestions for topics for the next calendar year. In addition to generating its own list of possible topics, the Council receives recommendations from the editorial staff and reviews voluntary submissions from friends and readers of the journal. All are given careful consideration, and the journal especially wants to encourage those with interest and/or expertise in given ethical areas to contact the journal, propose topics for future issues and contribute articles.

Following is the proposed list of general topics for 2015. Those with asterisks (*) next to them indicate that writers have already been secured. In the case of the other topics, the journal is actively seeking colleagues and partners who will share their knowledge and theological perspectives. This list is always subject to change.

·         Pedagogical Ethics (*)

·         Environmental Ethics (*)

·         The Ethics of Religious Leadership (*)

·         End of Life Issues (*)

·         The Theology of Advocacy and the ELCA Ready Benches

·         Surrogacy (*)

·         Book Review Issue (*)

·         Voting Rights and Voter Suppression

·         Minimum Wage, Living Wage, Pay Equity

·         Gender Justice

·         The Common Good: How to Pursue It

·         Race and Racism in America - Ferguson

·         Tax Reform

·         Immigration Reform

·         The Ethics of Congregational Budgeting

·         The Ethics of Policing

·         Government – The Social Safety Net

Please consider contacting and offering to write for the Journal of Lutheran Ethics. Let us know how the journal can better serve you. And thank you for your partnership in this ministry of theological conversation, discernment and reflection.