On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, there will be opportunities to participate in a variety of workshops and caucuses. This year, we are offering three different types of sessions:

  • 75-minute caucuses: A time for affinity groups or people working on similar projects to gather and exchange ideas, network, and build community, or an opportunity to convene a group of interested participants to discuss a specific topic.
  • 3-hour workshops: These sessions are advanced-level trainings and workshops requiring additional time for attendee participation and small group break-outs.
  • 75-minute workshops: These workshop sessions are teaching/learning sessions in which attendees will gain useful information, advice, or technical assistance about a specific topic.

Watch for additional offerings.


Assistant/Associate to the Bishop Caucus
The Rev. Lauren Kirsh-Carr, Assistant to the Bishop, Southeast Michigan Synod; The Rev. Heather Apel, Assistant to the Bishop, Indiana Kentucky Synod
Join fellow assistants/associates to the bishop for conversation, connection, and support. Learn how other synods manage call process, candidacy, leadership support, congregational vitality, and "other duties as described." Connect with old friends and make new ones, while we share the joys and challenges of synod ministry.

LGBTQIA+ Identities in Ministry Caucus
The Rev. Amanda Gerken-Nelson, Executive Director, Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries
Rostered ministers who identify as LGBTQIA+ are invited to a caucus and share a time of celebration, sharing, and solidarity. We will take time for story-sharing, mutual support, and a ritual of celebration of queerness. This caucus is for those who identify as a gender and sexual minority and not allies.

Young Adult Ministry Caucus
Savanna Sullivan, Program Director, ELCA Young Adult Ministries
Young adult ministry in the ELCA looks like so many different things. It looks like synodical retreats and congregational small groups; like intentional young adult inclusion in advocacy events and global mission teams; like campus ministry and camp and service with the LIFE in Service network (LVC, Urban Servant Corps, YAGM). Please gather with us to share ideas, challenges, and to imagine ways to walk alongside young adults even more faithfully.

Your Ministry and ELCA Colleges and Universities 
The Rev. Dr. Mark Wilhelm, Executive Director, Network of ELCA Colleges and Universities
This caucus offers an opportunity to learn about the ELCA’s colleges and universities and their realignment with the mission of this church, including their new work in theological education. The caucus will provide an opportunity for participants to learn about current practices at our colleges and the services/programs they provide to rostered ministers and congregations. Caucus leaders will invite suggestions for improving connections between the participants' ministries and ELCA higher education.

Leaders of Color 
The Rev. Albert Starr, Director, Ethnic Specific and Multicultural Ministries
More information coming soon.



A Regional Commitment to Women Leaders 
The Rev. Danielle DeNise, Director for Evangelical Mission, North Carolina Synod; Members of the Region 9 Women's Core Team
As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of women's ordination in our Church (as well as 40 and 10!), region nine is addressing systemic changes needed to transform the landscape for women leaders in our region. This includes creation of a Bishops' relational agreement, transformation of boundary training, nurturing a culture of reporting and care, and a network of support for women leaders. This workshop will take you through the why- and how-to's of our work.

Biblical Storytelling: An Introduction
The Rev. Jessica Cain, Pastor, Living Word Lutheran Church Buda, Texas; The Rev. Julie Monnard, Pastor, Calvary Lutheran Church New Windsor, Illinois; 
We are all storytellers. But how often do we share the stories of our faith the way we share stories of our everyday lives? In this session on biblical storytelling, we will learn the history of the oral tradition of scripture, discuss methods of learning Bible stories, and practice learning and telling a story. 

Calling for Justice in our Modern Media Landscape
Deacon Ross Murray, Senior Director, GLAAD Media Institute
The call for justice and the way our media industry works don't always align. Participants will learn how to leverage the media and articulate a message of God's justice. Equipped with research and best practices gleaned from 30 years of LGBTQ advocacy, the GLAAD Media Institute will work with participants to communicate their message with the movable middle while combating the often-polarizing narrative surrounding faith and social justice.

Channeling Experience and Energy to Motivate Change
The Rev. Dr. Marj Funk-Pihl, Director for Evangelical Mission, Southwest California Synod; The Rev. Conrad Selnick, Retired consultant and Episcopal priest
Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a powerful and easily understandable tool for creating vision and moving through change. Whether your congregation is experiencing confusion over how to move into the future, or is simply excited to discover new possibilities, AI will help. This strategy draws on the stories of every member and builds on the appreciative ways a congregation talks about itself, to move toward a shared vision of the future.

Declaring - and Living Out - Our Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Commitments
Kristen Opalinski, Manager, ELCA Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Relations; Kathryn Lohre, Executive, ELCA Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Relations
Strengthen your ministries in support of our church’s ecumenical and inter-religious commitments by taking a deep dive into two policy statements: “A Declaration of Ecumenical Commitment” (1991) and “A Declaration of Inter-Religious Commitment” (2019). Learn more about the ELCA’s work and witness. Engage in discussion of real-life case studies as a means to reflect on best practices with others.

Deliberative Democracy as a Model for Faithful Congregational Discernment and Action 
The Rev. Greg Kaufmann, Pastor; The Rev. Amy Reumann. ELCA Director of Advocacy 
Churches are wrestling with how to live their faith in a divided American culture as partisan politics affect how congregations interact and worship; how ministers preach; and how we engage in the public square. While the institutions of church and state remain separate, political discourse impacts religious communities. This workshop introduces deliberative dialogue as a process for communal discernment and a way to talk across differences with Christian love and respect.

How Are They Listening? A CliftonStrengths Perspective on Preaching 
The Rev. Dr. Karn S. Carroll, Pastor, Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, Phoenix
Preaching always involves the Biblical text, the preacher, and the listeners. In this workshop, attention is given solely to the listener in hopes that we, as preachers, are able to share the Gospel in new ways that deepen faith. Knowledge of CliftonStrengths Talent Themes helpful, although not required.

MONadvocacy: Racial Justice through Play and Reflection 
The Rev. Nicolette Marie Peñaranda, Pastor, First Lutheran Church of the Trinity, Chicago,  Chicago Program Director, DOOR Network
Are race and culture becoming serious topics in your communities? Take some time to strengthen your understanding and curiosity about the subject through play and reflection. MONadvocacy is a simulation meant to place you in the shoes of someone else and allows you to engage in the world from a different perspective. Come, play, and reflect on how to bring elements of racial justice back to your context.

Preaching the Gospel of Mark (Year B)
The Rev. Dr. Ray Pickett, Rector, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary
This workshop is designed for those interested in preaching the Gospel of Mark during Year B. 
After looking at Mark's story of Jesus as a narrative whole and consider a variety of interpretive approaches and contexts, we will imaginatively explore the lectionary texts for Year B. The primary focus will be on what the Spirit is saying to us through these text today.

Spiritual Renewal: Renewed Leaders Renew Congregations
The Rev. Glen Vanderkloot, ELCA Spiritual Renewal Team Member; The Rev. Lucille Mills, Associate Director for Evangelical Mission, North Carolina Synod; The Rev. Becca Ehrlich, Interim Director for Evangelical Mission, Allegheny Synod
Members of the ELCA Spiritual Renewal Team will help participants discover how to revitalize their spirits enabling them to rekindle the spiritual gifts with them. Participants will practice some of the tools of personal renewal as well become acquainted with the tools of corporate spiritual renewal. Leaders will introduce specific ways to do personal discernment and take the participants though a group discernment process.

Starting or Strengthening Your Early Childhood Ministry
Dr. Dawn Rundman, Director of Faith Formation Resource Development and Assistant Director of ELCA Relations, 1517 Media
Babies and toddlers can experience Bible stories and faith practices in meaningful ways, but many parents don’t know where to start. Early childhood ministry provides a faithful foundation for little ones and a supportive community for parents. Whether you are just starting out or your program is thriving, this intensive course is for you. Dawn combines theology, child development expertise, and practical strategies to help you design an effective early childhood ministry plan.

The “Matter” of Worship: Exploring Embodied Meaning
The Rev. Dr. Melinda Quivik .Liturgical and Homiletical Scholar
Worship is prayer embodied in physical matter. The words of a fifth-century theologian showed us that the way we pray forms our beliefs. This workshop will examine the meaning that comes through when a worship leader moves one way rather than another or gestures in this or that or another manner. Just as words speak, so do arrangements of space, symbols included (or left out), people involved, silences, particular postures, and more.

Transforming White Privilege Introductory Workshop
Judith Roberts, ELCA Program Director for Racial Justice; Donna Matteis, Member of the European Descent Lutheran Association for Racial Justice
Transforming White Privilege: A 21st Century Leadership Capacity curriculum is a joint project of the Center for Assessment and Policy Development, MP Associates and World Trust Educational Services, funded by The W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The curriculum is designed to help current and emerging leaders from a variety of sectors. The workshop will guide participants through a serious of activities and discussions leading toward creation of a church and society inclusive of all ethnic backgrounds.



"God's Word. Our Voice." Evangelism in the 21st Century
The Rev. Erika Uthe, Director of Evangelical Mission and Assistant to the Bishop, Southeastern Iowa
We all know "God's Work. Our Hands." but what about "God's Word. Our Voice?" When it comes to sharing faith, we Lutherans tend to shy away. In this 75-minute workshop participants will engage in conversation and in the practice of sharing faith and leave equipped with tools to take back to the congregation.

Abundance: Creating a Culture of Generosity in the Congregation 
The Rev. Michael Ward, GSB Fundraising, Partner, CFRE, M.Div.
Too often, scarcity thinking limits our vision for what God can accomplish in our midst. By focusing on how we tell our ministry outcome stories and invite people to invest in the mission of our congregation, giving of volunteer service and money will feel like opportunities to advance the Kingdom of God instead of feeling like transactions. Drawing on best practices from the non-profit world, real world examples of culture change and concrete steps for transforming to an abundance culture will be provided to attendees.

Abundant Generosity: An ELCA World Hunger Case Study 
The Rev. Dr. Robin Brown, ELCA Mission Funding Director, Congregations
Are you amazed by the generosity of your neighbors? Your community? ELCA World Hunger believes in a God of abundance, so as a church we live out our call in baptism to strive for a just world where all are fed. Join this workshop to learn more about trends in giving, stewardship in your congregation, and to hear case studies from congregations that used ELCA World Hunger to inspire abundant generosity.

ALL IN Relational Ministry
Deacon Lyle Griner, National Peer Ministry Leadership Director 
Ministry has left the building. It is now about every adult caring for others every day, every setting, and in the midst of every relationship. This is new from PML! This is a time to learn about, experience, and consider your church as an equipping place for caring skills, that are really relational spiritual practices used to live life as a vital caring ministry.

AMMPARO: Sanctuary and Welcoming Congregations
Trinidad Ariztia, Program Director of Migration Policy, ELCA Advocacy; Stephen Deal, Regional Representative for Central America, ELCA Global Mission; Bishop Laurie Larson Ceasar, Oregon Synod 
This workshop will introduce people to AMMPARO and the current context. The main focus will be on congregational engagement and how can each congregation find its place in AMMPARO.

An Introduction to Godly Play
The Rev. Sharolyn Browning, Pastor, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Austin, Texas, Godly Play Foundation Trainer; The Rev. Carolyn Albert-Donovan, Pastor, Peace Lutheran Church, Austin, Texas
Godly Play is a method of faith nurture and spiritual guidance for children (of all ages) that draws on the language of worship, story, art, and play, to guide children in the language of knowing God. Whether you are new to Godly Play, or have been practicing and playing for a long time, come, experience, learn, and rekindle the gift of faith in knowing God.

Array of Ministries: Structure, Training, and Support for Key Ministries in Congregations 
The Rev. Conrad Selnick, Retired, Consultant
This is a tool for organizing and supporting lay ministers. Array of Ministries is organized around four broad areas of a congregation’s ministries: Worship, Nurturing members, Serving the community, as well as supporting those Congregational ministries. It can be useful in any congregation: small, mid-size, well-resourced. Rostered Ministers serving or affiliated with small congregations or shared ministries, new starts, and leaders in settings with more resources can benefit, as well as synodical staff.

Barriers to Care: Faith Communities and Military Service Members and Families 
The Rev. Aaron Fuller, Lieutenant Commander, Chaplain Corps, US Navy Reserve 
Less than 1% of our population serves in the military. Yet servicemembers and their families live among us. We have seen the statistics on increased suicide, PTSD, substance abuse, and sexual trauma among military service members and families. What role do faith communities have in supporting the ELCA’s ministry to this distinct population? The Rev. Aaron Fuller, Navy Chaplain and former Submarine Officer, discusses the importance of the church and its ministry to our nation's servants.

Bearing the Cross for the Beloved Community: Building Resilience for the Ministry of Reconciliation
Dr. Marvin Wickware, LSTC Assistant Professor of Church and Society and Ethics
This workshop will equip rostered ministers for racial reconciliation work in four steps: 1) affirming participants’ calling to racial reconciliation work; 2) examining social, systemic, and emotional obstacles to racial reconciliation work; 3) considering a mode of racial reconciliation work that can endure in the face of those obstacles; and 4) exploring a practical, sustainable, and effective role for rostered ministers in that work. Together, we’ll learn how we should—and shouldn’t—bear the cross.

Become the Calm in Chaos: Crisis Communications Strategies
Jocelyn Fuller, Sr. Director, Strategic Communications, ELCA Mission Advancement; Candice Hill Buchbinder, Public Relations Manager, ELCA Mission Advancement
These days, it's no longer "if" a crisis arises, it's when. Nothing is more important than your communications strategy in that crisis. Learn from the Strategic Communications team at the churchwide office how to handle like a pro.

Blanket Exercise: A Workshop in Truth and Healing
Prairie Rose Seminole, Director, ELCA Office of American Indian Alaska Native Ministries 
The Blanket Exercise is a unique, participatory history lesson–developed in collaboration with Indigenous elders, knowledge keepers and educators–that fosters truth, understanding, respect and reconciliation among Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

Bypass Burnout 
The Rev. Jeff Thieman, President and CEO, Portico Benefit Services
Today’s rostered ministers are juggling more than ever before — both professionally and personally. Attend this workshop for insights from Portico into the collective mental health of ELCA pastors and deacons. And, receive practical resources — including a heads-up on two new benefits — you can use to cope with stress, avoid burnout, and strengthen your emotional resilience.

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? Listening to Young Adults about Their Lives, Their Faith, and Their Views on the Church
The Rev. Don Romsa, Former Campus Pastor and ELCA Program Director for Campus Ministry
For the past two years, ELCA Campus Ministry has been conducting a research project of listening to the voices of young adults to help us understand the characteristics of a vital faith community that are most significant to them. This workshop will explore some key research findings and challenge us to take a closer look at how congregations might respond to young adult voices for the sake of this church and the world.

Church Leaders in Vocational Transition 
Deacon Lorraine Brugh, Senior Research Professor, Valparaiso University
Adapting to changing circumstances is crucial to anyone in a long-term church vocation. This workshop will consider how several church musicians managed through tremendous change and they adapted to those changes. Participants will discuss and practice several ways of developing resilience, flexibility and adaptation. Examples include John Rutter, Stephen Cleobury, Daniel Hyde, Francis Jackson and as well as French organist, Olivier Latry, organist at Notre-Dame, Paris.

Coaching: A Catalyst for Gift Engagement in God’s Work
Jill Beverlin, ELCA Coordinator for Coaching; Jason O'Neill, Senior Administrative Assistant and Website Manager, ELCA Coaching; Deacon Tammy Devine, ELCA Coordinator of Stewardship and Discipleship Coaching
What would happen if we understood ourselves as beloved of God, gifted by God and invited by God into God’s work of loving and healing the world? How would this change each individual’s life? What difference could this make in the ministry we do? This workshop will provide a live demonstration of coaching and small group discussions where coaches will facilitate conversations designed to help participants name goals and initial action steps in this arena.

Collaborations That Can Shape The Future
Deacon Diane McGeoch, Coordinator, Learning Peace: A Camp for Kids, Nampa, Idaho
Churches and communities thrive when groups that might not normally cross paths come together to address a common issue. Workshop participants will experience a three fold process that helps create partnerships where none existed before. Example: Learning Peace: A Camp for Kids in Nampa, Idaho, that is the result of intentional collaboration. We can shape the future by honoring our differences and creating new relationships to be a visible church.

Combatting Climate Change: Becoming Carbon Neutral as a Church and as a World
Ruth Ivory-Moore, Program Director, Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility, ELCA Advocacy, Domestic Mission
This workshop will explore the challenges and opportunities we face as church and society in this race against time for addressing the climate crisis. Winning this race is possible, but it entails monumental efforts and unprecedented scales of change at a pace never before experienced. It involves unparalleled movements toward building sustainable communities with humanity working deliberately together; tearing down barriers to collaboration; sharing innovative ideas; and valuing everyone and the rest of creation.

Communications and Marketing Tactics to Enhance Evangelism 
Laury Rinker, Director, ELCA Communications and Marketing; Allison Beebe, Manager, ELCA Community Engagement Strategy; Dan Michel, Director, Digital Media, ELCA Mission Advancement
We all want new people to walk through the doors of our congregations and experience the love of God in Christ. But how? We surveyed new members at 30 growing congregations to see what these growing communities of faith had in common, especially as it relates to marketing. In this session, we'll share insights into the "church shopping" experience, as well as practical tips enhance your congregation's communications plans. Learn about best practices and tools to manage your website, social media presence, ads and more. 

Compassion and Courage: Equipping Leaders in Ministry to Care for Addicts and Families
The Rev. Sarah Birdsall Isakson, Interim Pastor, Grand Canyon Synod, Phoenix; The Rev. Kim Serner, Pastor, Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Sun City West, Arizona; The Rev. Dr. Bohdan Vadis, Senior Pastor, Tierrasanta Lutheran Church, San Diego; The Rev. Tom Dunham, Pastor, Streams in the Desert Lutheran Church, Tucson, Arizona; The Rev. Stoney Bowen-Weiszmann, Chaplain, Phoenix
Five presenters will share extensive experience dealing with challenges of Drug Abuse in Faith communities, especially overcoming stigma and shame attached to drug: opiate or alcohol abuse. Resources will help identify families with secrets, abuse issues and our experiences related to losing loved ones to addiction. Explore together ways as leaders, families of addicts can become proactive in the treatment; Recovery not Rescue is stressed. We kinds of treatment experiences and resources that can empower spiritual recovery.

Congregational Endowments 101
The Rev. Dr. John Eggen, Director of Gift Planning, ELCA Foundation; The Rev. Keith Pearson, Regional Gift Planner, ELCA Foundation; Tina Kvitek, Regional Gift Planner, ELCA Foundation; Josh Kerney, Regional Gift Planner, ELCA Foundation
Chances are your seminary education did not prepare you for many of the things you deal with in the life of your congregation. This workshop will help you fill come critical gaps in fueling your ministry. It will feature highlights and key considerations to help your congregation fund ministries through endowments, planned gifts and bequests. It will also help you establish policies that encourage these gifts and avoid permanent restrictions that could inadvertently keep you from using them.

Connecting with College Students 
The Rev. Ray Ranker, Lutheran Campus Pastor, University of Maryland; Katie Evans, Program Assistant and alumna, Lutheran Campus Ministry, University of Maryland
Ever wonder how to best connect with young adult college students at a nearby university, college, or community college? Led by Lutheran Campus Ministry Practitioners, this session will share best practices and help rostered ministers prepare a strategy for their congregations to engage in campus ministry at neighboring schools with young adults.

Copyrights in Church: How Do We Do That?
Deacon Kathleen O. Cartledge, Liturgist, Director of Music, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Aiken, South Carolina
How does copyright apply to the church and why bother? Whenever we quote someone, we are taught to put in a footnote to reference it. If we publish someone else's artwork, music or written word we are called to respect the ownership of copyright. With some resources, planning and information, our churches can show the world that we do look outside ourselves, and respect and commend composers and creators, acknowledging the gifts they have.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Putting Your Treasure Where Your Heart Is
Ruth Ivory-Moore, Program Director, Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility, ELCA Advocacy, Domestic Mission
This workshop will explore how through the ELCA’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program we respond to God’s Call for justice and peace in all the earth. The focus will be on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles that socially responsible investors use to guide their active ownership and screen potential investments. The workshop will also delve into how ethics, economics and social principles are considered to assure that all creation is protected. 

Creating a Culture of Blessing: Writing Litanies for the Little (and Big) Moments
The Rev. Leslie O'Callaghan, Assistant to the Bishop for Faith Formation, Rocky Mountain Synod
Ever wish you had a blessing in your pocket? Using a simple formula and a watchful eye, participants will practice writing blessings and short litanies to mark a variety of moments, from the simple to the challenging. It's easier than you think and can become second nature in a short amount of time. No experience necessary; come ready to learn from one another and take a starter set of blessings back to your ministry context.

Decade of Destiny: How Afrocentrism is a Pathway for Growth in the ELCA 
The Rev. Lamont Anthony Wells, National President, ELCA African Descent Lutheran Association
Combating racial discrimination is a long-term effort, and the road to a world free from racism, prejudice and stigma is rocky. People of African descent need encouragement and support. This workshop will help guide a conversation and strategy for rostered ministers to become better allies and accomplices in the work of diversity, equity and inclusion. Each participant will also learn more about follow-up responses to the Declaration of the ELCA to People of African Descent.

Embracing God's Future without Forgetting the Past
Bishop Michael Girlinghouse, Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod
Draw strength and wisdom from your congregational past and embrace God's future in creative ways. This workshop will explore healthy ways congregations may grieve the perceived loss of their "glory days", freeing them to renew their congregational mission and ministry. Acknowledging and expressing grief can be the bridge to courage, enabling your congregation to redefine its relationship with the past, draw strength and encouragement from its memories, and step boldly into God's future.

Entertaining Angels: Cultivating Relationships with Migrant and Refugee Newcomers in Our Communities 
The Rev. Sharon Baglyos, Assistant Director for Outreach, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service; Kristin Witte, Director for Outreach, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service; Petrit Gashi, Bandak Lul, 
Recurring themes throughout scripture to love the neighbor and extend hospitality to alien, sojourner, and stranger issue a call to each and all believers. Participants will explore the biblical mandate to offer hospitality, hear how Lutherans have understood and responded to this calling, and be equipped with skills to employ in exploring the neighborhood of their congregation. Participants will be prepared to host an expanded (6-hour) version of this experience in their own setting.

Exploring Three Key Questions for Emotional and Spiritual Health 
The Rev. Philip Lee, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
The sad truth is that burnout, depression, relational conflict, and other challenges are having a strong negative impact on those called to ministry. If the gifts of faith and ministry are to be rekindled, rostered leaders negatively impacted must have access to the tools necessary to help them find emotional and spiritual healing and wholeness. This workshop will focus on three key biblical questions that offer a template for self-understanding and movement toward a preferred future.

Facilitating Learning with Grown-Ups 
The Rev. Dr. Marjorie Funk-Pihl, Director for Evangelical Mission, Southwest California Synod
Are you surprised when your congregation does not live out their faith despite your clear preaching and teaching? Wonder why? This workshop explores how adults learn and how learning translates into action. You will practice designing a learning event to enhance the ability of your congregation to live their baptismal vocation in their daily life. Bring a clear idea (outline) of a class you’d like to teach, or a material you have already used.

Faith, Hope, and Love: Building Safer and More Welcoming Congregations and Communities for LGBTQ+ Youth
Jamie Bruesehoff, LGBTQ+ Advocate; The Rev. Lee Zandstra, Pastor, Living Waters Lutheran Church, Ringoes, New Jersey
Since 2016, the NJ Synod has been actively working to equip churches, faith leaders, and families to build safer and more welcoming communities for LGBTQ+ youth through the inter-generational work of Faith, Hope and Love. This event centers LGBTQ+ voices, lifts up personal stories rooted in faith and identity, and partners with local LGBTQ+ organizations. Come hear the joys and struggles of this ministry and learn how this model might enhance and inform your ministry.

Faith, Sexism, and Justice: How to Make this Social Statement Local 
The Rev. Dr. Kathryn Kleinhans, Social Statement Task Force Member, Dean of Trinity Lutheran Seminary
The ELCA adopted "Faith, Sexism, and Justice: A Call to Action," but to what actions are ELCA congregations called? Led by a member of the social statement task force, this workshop will touch on the theological and sociological content of the statement. The main focus will be exploring how congregations can interpret the social statement and foster gender justice in their local contexts. 

Fandom: A Model for the Future Church 
The Rev. Courtney R. Young, Campus Pastor, LuMin in St. Cloud, St. Cloud, Minnesota
What could a renewed and reformed church in the 21st century and beyond actually look like? In a playful conversation, we will examine the defining characteristics of fandoms like Harry Potter, Star Wars, and The Lord of the Rings. We will consider what the church can learn about gathering together and being shaped by our story. We may find that people who go to conventions and dress up in costumes are not so weird after all.

Filling out a Rostered Minister Profile, Session 1
Deacon Connie Schmucker, Assistant to the Bishop for Leadership, Florida-Bahamas Synod; The Rev. Terry Tuvey Allen, Assistant to the Bishop, Pacifica Synod, The Rev. Karen Boda, Assistant to the Bishop for Congregational Life, Southeastern Synod; The Rev. Dr. Tracey Breashears, Bishop's Associate, Candidacy, Call, Education, and Leadership, Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod; The Rev. Kathryn Gulbranson, Assistant to the Bishop, Sierra Pacific Synod; The Rev. Dr. Ruth Hamilton, Candidacy and Leadership Manager, Region 9, Director for Ministries in Chaplaincy, Pastoral Counseling, and Clinical Education, ELCA Domestic Mission; The Rev. Jill J. Henning, Assistant to the Bishop for Leadership and Administration, Southeastern Synod; The Rev. Craig A. Miller, Assistant to the Bishop for Evangelical Mission, Upper Susquehanna Synod; The Rev. Dr. Erin Swenson-Reinhold, Chief of Staff; Assistant to the Bishop for Mobility and Candidacy, Metropolitan Washington, D.C. Synod; The Rev. Kristine Totzke, Bishop’s Associate for Leadership Formation and Congregational Care, Northern Texas - Northern Louisiana Synod; The Rev. David J. Whetter, Bishop’s Associate, Central States Synod
Bishops' Assistants/Associates from around the ELCA will share what they are looking for when reviewing a Rostered Minister Profile (RMP), while offering suggestions for filling out the RMP. Participants will have opportunity to work in small groups to hone their skills in reflecting who they are and to what/where the Holy Spirit might be calling them. The group will then test their skills by reviewing/tweaking a provided RMP.

Filling out a Rostered Minister Profile, Session 2
(Same presenters as Session 1)
Bishops Assistants/Associates from around the ELCA will be available to offer one-on-one Rostered Minister Profile (RMP) coaching. Session 1 is not a required prerequisite, but would be very helpful. Please print a copy of your RMP or RMP draft and bring it with you to the workshop.

Financial Best Practices and Congregational Good Stewardship
Steve Oelschlager, ELCA Stewardship Program Coordinator
To grow giving, congregations must be worthy and trusted beneficiaries of the donations they receive, which in turn necessitates using financial best practices. Learn how the Resourceful Servants Congregational Financial Assessment initiative, funded by the Lilly Endowment, can help your congregation reinforce a culture of accountability, transparency, professionalism, and impact. Reassure your supporters that stewarding their gifts is a top concern so they will feel comfortable giving more.

Forgotten Luther: Reclaiming the Church’s Public Witness 
Dr. Ryan Cumming, Program Director, Hunger Education, ELCA World Hunger
When should the church support the state’s agenda? When should it resist? A new book, Forgotten Luther II: Reclaiming the Church’s Public Witness, looks carefully at the public witness of Martin Luther and its meaning for preaching, teaching, and carrying out public ministry today. Join us as we explore options for critical, but constructive cooperation with government's role in maintaining peace and good order, and ensuring that no person is hungry or in want.

Fuel your ministry: unleashing asset-based and estate giving in your congregation
The Rev. Dr. John Eggen, Director of Gift Planning, ELCA Foundation; Tina Kvitek, Regional Gift Planner, ELCA Foundation; Josh Kerney, Regional Gift Planner, ELCA Foundation; The Rev. Keith Pearson, Regional Gift Planner, ELCA Foundation
When congregations talk about budgets and annual pledges individuals think about their own personal budgets and income. As a result, most individuals give to their congregation from their income, not their assets or their estate. Holistic stewardship calls us to invite members to be a steward of all that God has entrusted to them. Learn how to encourage your congregation to discern how God’s calling them to be faithful stewards by giving from their assets and estates and unique giving opportunities for all seasons of life.

Generational Discipleship: Re-Engaging the Scriptures 
The Rev. Juli Lejman-Guy, Pastor, St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Holgate, Ohio and President, ELCA Christian Education Network; The Rev. Brenda K.Smith, Program Director, ELCA Faith Practices and Book of Faith
This workshop will offer learning strategies on how the ELCA’s Five Gifts of Discipleship and the Book of Faith Initiative resources can be connected with intergenerational ministry. The Christian Education Network of the ELCA is partnering with the Book of Faith Think Tank to explore ways to transform the Book of Faith Initiative so that it will be used by more persons as they study the Bible. 

Getting Relationships Right 
The Rev. Dr. Daniel W. Fugate, Assistant to the Bishop for Discipleship, Indiana-Kentucky Synod
It's all about relationships. The importance of relationships in the social and emotional well-being of youth is well documented by extensive research. Many who work directly with youth, especially youth from marginalized communities, don't have the skills to build developmental relationships. This workshop will equip you to not only create intentional and inclusive relationships that are life changing but also to teach those skills to others.

Glocal Music and Mission: Receiving the Gifts of Our Global Companions
ELCA Glocal Musician Educators
God speaks in countless ways, including the language of music. In this workshop, we will receive the gifts of our global companions through the songs, stories and ministries that we share in God's mission. 

How to Develop the Qualities of a Well-Formed Steward Leader
Keith Mundy, Program Director, ELCA Stewardship Ministry
Are you looking to strengthen your qualities as steward leader? This workshop focuses on stages to grow as a steward leader and the qualities that will broaden and deepen your perspectives, practices and skills. We will look at both personal and congregational perspectives to build your confidence as a spiritual and practical leader. This will include tools to nurture gratitude and generosity as core values in the congregation.

Igniting Change without Sparking Disaster: 5 Keys to Change Management
Evan Moilan, CFRE, Consultant, GSB Fundraising
Change is constant. As leaders we are navigating an ever forward road for our communities. But at certain points in the life of an organization we find ourselves preparing for significant change. We will explore five keys to successfully navigating change (regardless of the nature of the change) providing a tool that you can utilize to evaluate your approach to change.

Inclusive and Expansive Language: What Does This Mean for Us? 
Dr. Mary Streufert, Director for ELCA Justice for Women
Inclusive and expansive language is a major theme in the new social statement "Faith, Sexism, and Justice: A Call to Action." What does this mean? How is this scriptural? Come learn about ways expansive and inclusive language for God connects to Lutheran theology and how to incorporate it in your ministry.

Little Ones at the Font and Table: Applying Developmentally Appropriate Early Childhood Practices to Sacramental Education 
Dr. Dawn Rundman, Director of Faith Formation Resource Development and Assistant Director of ELCA Relations, 1517 Media
Have you ever marked the cross of Christ on a baby's forehead and stared into bright wondering eyes? Have you witnessed a preschooler’s unplanned First Communion as a tiny hand reached out for a piece of bread? If you’ve been waiting to learn how to introduce young children to the sacraments, this workshop is for you. The developmental science and practical ideas offered will help you better understand the needs and strengths of young children.

Meet the "Living Stones" on a Trip You Lead to the Holy Land
Karin Brown, Peace Not Walls Campaign Coordinator
Have you ever wanted to lead a trip to the Holy Land? We've trained dozens of trip leaders to lead a more meaningful and fulfilling Holy Land trip that connects with the local Lutheran community. Go beyond seeing archaeological sites and learn how to connect the birthplace of Jesus with the faith being lived out today. We'll give you the resources and connections you need.

Millennials and the Rural Church 
The Rev. Seth Nelson, Pastor, Faith Lutheran Church, Ronan, Montana
Small town and rural life in the United States has changed dramatically. Communities that once were home to many generations have seen well-paying job markets dry up, with families leaving their once vibrant, multi-generational hometowns to follow jobs that have moved away. This workshop will focus on addressing challenges that current rostered ministers now face in many well-established ministry contexts, and how the next generation can be the change that these communities need.

Modern Governance
Evan Moilan, CFRE, Consultant, GSB Fundraising
Governance has changed since our congregations first incepted their constitutions and by-laws. Many of today's structures hinder not only our effective governance, but also our ability to recruit leaders who can make a difference to congregational roles outside of governance. This session will include a primer on the duties of congregational governance, an exploration of models, and best practices for ensuring governance exists to accomplish mission.

Myths and Truths about Vital Congregations 
Dr. Deborah Coe, Executive for Planning, Research and Evaluation, Office of the Presiding Bishop
Have you ever felt that your congregation was the only one with fewer members than last year? Have you ever heard that small congregations cannot be spiritually vital? This 75-minute workshop uses 2018 congregational parochial data to explore the truth and myths about congregational size, context, and vitality, and how these factors interact. Be ready to have some myths busted.

One Hour of Personal Self Care and Stress Management Plan
The Rev. Carey Gardiner Mack, Minister of Word and Sacrament of Southeast Michigan Synod, Council Member at Lord of Light Lutheran in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Self-care and stress-management are key for being a healthy leader. In the midst of helping others with difficult and stressful lives, taking time for your own self-care can be a big help in reducing blood pressure, maintaining mental health, reducing compassion fatigue, and more. This one-hour daily plan teaches four of the most critical parts: 1.Mindfulness/meditation/manifesting/gratitude.  2. Movement 
3 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and 4. Mirth.

Our Place in the World: Reframing Ministry for the 21st Century Culture
Deacon Janice Zimbelman
The 21st Century western world is called a post-modern, post-Christian, pluralistic culture. How then, might we “do church” within this context? Gathering upon current research trends, synthesizing information from multiple sources, and hearing of some success stories, we will explore ways to reframe ministry for the 21st century culture. Participants will leave with practical tools and ideas for immediate application within their own congregational settings.

Outdoor Church: Worshiping in and with Nature
The Rev. Carmen Retzlaff, Pastor, New Life Lutheran Church, Dripping Springs, Texas; The Rev. Charis Weathers, Founding Pastor, Echoes Bellingham, a unique mission development in the Northwest Washington Synod; Lanni Latto, Lay Leader/Mission Developer, U.P. Wild Church, an Episcopal and ELCA partnership
What is Wild Church? Three new churches in the ELCA worship outdoors, in and with nature. They are part of a growing network across the United States and Canada called the Wild Church Network. These churches attract outdoor enthusiasts, people wary of church, parents of special needs children, children in general, and more. Come and talk about church outside, and continue and enlarge this wild conversation.

Palestine and Israel: Working Toward Faithful Engagement for Justice and Peace 
The Rev. Christine Cowan, Pastor, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Ogden, Iowa
Baffled by the situation in Palestine and Israel? In this workshop, learn from a former Ecumenical Accompanier and synodical Peace Not Walls chairperson what life is like for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, how we got to this point, and how we can engage as people of faith working for peace based on justice. Gain some tools for your advocacy, accompaniment, and benevolence. Learn how grassroots actions can encourage hope.

Partnering with Mission Advancement
Jocelyn Fuller, Sr. Director, Strategic Communications, ELCA Mission Advancement; Rachel Wind, Executive for Development, ELCA Mission Advancement
In Mission Advancement, we strive to build relationships across this church and play a role in each one of the five goals of Future Directions. In this workshop, we will touch on all aspects of our work and the partnerships we want to nurture with all of you. We will focus on four main areas: Fundraising best practices; communications strategies and tools; management of data and gifts; and ELCA World Hunger best practice congregations.

Pastoral and Congregational Attachments: Understanding Disruptions in Ministry 
The Rev. Dr. Dolores (Dee) E. Littleton, LMFT, Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church, Havertown, Pennsylvania, Director of Clergy Training at Council for Relationships-Post Graduate Certificate Program
Will you be there for me when I need you? This is the fundamental question when an attachment disruption is experienced. This question is often asked in non-direct ways by both congregants and rostered leaders when there is conflict or uncertainty about mission and ministry. When Attachments are not secure neither the rostered leader nor the parishioners have an easy time appreciating each other’s story and gifts for ministry. They tend to look at each other from their own disappointments, pain, trauma or insecurity.

Planning for Parental and Family Leave
The Rev. Rebecca Sullivan, Pastor, Lakeview Lutheran Church, Maplewood, Minnesota; The Rev. Jennifer Hackbarth, Pastor, Christ the King Lutheran Church, White Bear Lake, Minnesota
The workshop will focus on discussing ways to make family leave a part of the church, both at the local and synod level. Case studies of various types of family leave will be shared, along with resources and documents to support and make family leave possible for rostered ministers and church staff. Participants will leave with resources, encouragement, and a network for implementing family leave in their church or synod.

Practicing Faithful Innovation 
The Rev. Dr. Dwight Zscheile, VP of Innovation, Luther Seminary; The Rev. Dr. Dawn Alitz, Director of Lifelong Learning, Luther Seminary; The Rev. Erin Nelson, Director for Evangelical Mission, Northwest Synod of Wisconsin; The Rev. Matt Short, Director for Evangelical Mission, Greater Milwaukee Synod; The Rev. Libby Howe, Director for Evangelical Mission, La Crosse Area Synod
An innovative partnership between Luther Seminary and multiple synods is helping congregations connect more deeply to God, each other, and their neighbors. Workshop participants will experience practices and hear inspiring stories of transformation from local churches who are journeying together with the seminary and synod leadership through the Faithful Innovation Learning Communities process.

Preparing for the ELCA Youth Gathering
Molly Beck Dean, Director, ELCA Youth Gathering
Taking a group to the ELCA Youth Gathering for the first time next summer? Or maybe you are a Gathering veteran looking to share your wisdom with others and pick up a few news ideas? Then this is the session for you! Come learn the latest information and best practices from Gathering leadership (and each other!) so that you can have the best Gathering experience possible.

Renewing Worship for a New Decade 
Deacon Jennifer Baker-Trinity, Program Director for Resource Development, ELCA and Augsburg Fortress; The Rev. Suzanne Burke, Director of Resource Development, Augsburg Fortress; The Rev. Martin Seltz, Vice President & Publisher, Congregational Resources, 1517 Media; Deacon John Weit, Interim Assistant to the Presiding Bishop, Executive for Worship,  Program Director for Music
Introducing All Creation Sings, the newest member of the unfolding Evangelical Lutheran Worship family of resources. What’s in it (and why)? What’s not (and why)? How can this supplemental resource continue to renew our worship in response to a generation of change in the church and world? The Augsburg Fortress and ELCA Worship team will guide you through new liturgy and song, and offer suggestions for use.

Revitalizing Congregations by Equipping the Vocation of the Baptized in Daily Life 
The Rev. Dwight DuBois; The Rev. Dr. Craig Nessan, Professor and Academic Dean, Wartburg Seminary
Instead of adding more programs, we can transform congregational mission by equipping the saints for ministry in daily life: family, work, school, local community, and citizenship. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to a theology of worship that understands worship practices as life practices. Leaders will receive guidance for revitalizing congregations through a strategic focus on accompanying the saints as we live out our baptismal promises in service to neighbors near and far. 

Robert's Rules for Rostered Leaders
The Rev. Tuhina Verma Rasche, Minister of Small Groups, University AME Zion Church, Palo Alto, California; Savanna Sullivan, Director for Young Adult Ministry, ELCA Domestic Mission
Who is Robert and why do we follow his rules at Synod Assemblies and Churchwide Assembly? How can we equip voting members (both rostered and lay) to be well-informed on parliamentary procedure? This workshop offers an opportunity to become acquainted with Robert, his rules, and how they function within the ELCA.

Rooted and Renewing: On Authentic Spirituality and Community
The Rev. Dr. Troy Troftgruben, Associate New Testament Professor, Wartburg Seminary
A church with shallow roots cannot thrive. Amid decline, many church communities focus on external features like new technologies, innovative programs, to energize interest. Historically, church communities have often found renewal by way of deepened spirituality and community. In this workshop we will learn from practices of the earliest churches, reflect on the nature of well-grounded spirituality in community, and consider what gifts the Holy Spirit already gives our ministries today in order to thrive.

Sharing the Gospel in “The Age of the Spirit”: What the ELCA can Learn from AA and Charismatic Christianity
The Rev. Dr. Cheryl M. Peterson, Professor of Systematic Theology and Associate Dean for Academics, Trinity Lutheran Seminary at Capital University
This workshop will explore the signs of the emergence of the “age of the spirit” (Phyllis Tickle) or “the Fourth Great Awakening” (Diana Butler Bass), and the practical, experiential spirituality that is at the heart of this phenomenon. We will discuss what Lutherans could learn from two communities where these new forms of spirituality have found a home: Twelve step recovery groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, and charismatic Christian movements like the Vineyard.

Show Justice, Love Mercy: Learn how to know, act, speak out and be an advocate against human trafficking
Sister Sally Burk, Chair of Southern Ohio Synod WELCA enLIGHTen Committee
Join Sister Sally Burk as she teaches us about Human Trafficking. Hear what she’s experienced with other volunteers. Learn how to talk effectively to your congregation, community, government and law enforcement officials. She will provide background on what has worked for her group. You will also be encouraged to share experiences you have encountered. There will be time to synergize with others about your knowledge and your area’s needs.

Six Reasons Your Church Should Adopt Digital Giving 
Dean Sweetman, CEO,
Join Dean Sweetman, CEO of and Pastor for over 30 years, as we explore the significant impact that digital giving is having in congregations across America. Even if your congregation already has a solution for giving, this session will be jam packed full of value that you can use to grow giving within your local congregation, and have a greater impact in your community.

SOGIE: Learn more about the diversity of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression.
Aubrey Thonvold, Executive Director, ReconcilingWorks 
Join ReconcilingWorks to deepen and expand your understanding and awareness of the LGBTQIA+ community and learn ways to provide pastoral care. This workshop is a great opportunity to learn terms, understand the difference between sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. Together we will learn how to see, name, and care for God's Beloved who are LGBTQIA+

Starting Well: Building Financial Wellness in Future Leaders
Dr. Adam DeHoek, Program Director, Resourceful Servants; Office of the Presiding Bishop; Dr. Deborah Coe, Executive for Planning, Research and Evaluation; Office of the Presiding Bishop; The Rev. Catherine Malotky, Grant and Project Manager, Center for Stewardship Leaders, Luther Seminary
Research has shown that those who experience greater personal financial wellness are healthier and more satisfied as leaders than those in poor financial health. The ELCA churchwide organization and ELCA seminaries are collaborating to help future leaders move into ministry financially well and capable of leading faith communities into generous, innovative, and sustainable ministry. Through this workshop, we will share information about this work and invite feedback and ideas for resources from attendees.

Step Stools Welcome!
Pastor Janelle Hooper, Program Director for Ministry with Children
By the time you leave this workshop you will want to run out and buy a step stool for your worship space. Children are essential leaders in our church now. We will explore why and how to involve them in the life of the church, especially worship, without alienating adults.

Teaching and Preaching the Biblical Foundations of the ELCA Social Statement "Faith, Sexism and Justice"
Dr. Crystal L. Hall, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, United Lutheran Seminary
This workshop seeks to equip rostered leaders with deeper knowledge of the biblical foundations of the ELCA social statement "Faith, Sexism and Justice: A Call to Action" for preaching and teaching. Participants will study key biblical passages that underpin the theology of this social statement, with an eye toward their contemporary relevance for faithful witness to the gospel, the pervasiveness of sexism, and the call to work for justice, especially with women and girls

The Freedom of a Christian 
The Rev. Dr. Carmelo Santos, Director, ELCA Theological Diveristy and Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Engagement
This workshop will equip rostered ministers to provide leadership across the church as part of the Presiding Bishop’s initiative, “The Freedom of A Christian.” This initiative invites the people of the ELCA to study and reflect on Martin Luther’s “The Freedom of a Christian” in 2020, its 500th anniversary year. Participants will become familiar with teaching, preaching, and study resources available, and have the opportunity to discuss and reflect on the treatise with other rostered ministers as well. 

The Future Of Church Growth Belongs to These Four Tools
Dean Sweetman, CEO,
At, we serve over 12,500 congregations in 50 countries with a variety of digital tools. Whether it be digital giving, church websites, custom church apps or an easy to use church management solution, we owe it to our close partners at the ELCA to share the significant impact these tools can have on the future of your congregation.

The Great Opportunity
Rachel Alley, ELCA Program Director for Youth Ministry 
We have a great opportunity to engage, baptize, and make disciples of the two largest generational populations, the Millennials and Generation Z. Learn from the most recent generational research about persons under 30 and six essential strategies to put in place to help these young people discover and love your church.

The Impact of Education Debt and How It Can Be Addressed
The Rev. John Mocko, Program Director, Faith + Finances + Freedom, North Carolina Synod; Caroline Mocko, Program Staff Assistant, Faith + Finances + Freedom, North Carolina Synod
Attention rostered ministers: The elephant IS in the room. The "conspiracy of silence" about money in congregations is the "elephant" obscuring the negative impact of debt on healthy leaders and vital congregations. We will explore effective ways to break that conspiracy. We will also offer some effective solutions to the debt crisis many leaders face, such as, cultivating generosity in congregations; equipping ministers with crucial financial education; and promoting ways we can be church together.

The Legacy of Leadership
The Rev. Amanda Gerken-Nelson, Executive Director, Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries; Aubrey Thonvold, Executive Director, ReconcilingWorks; The Rev.Lamont Wells, ELCA Director for Campus Ministry (LuMin Network); President, African Descent Lutheran Association; The Rev Sarah Mayer-Flatt, Pastor, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, former Team Leader for The tAble; 
Is your community ready for diverse leaders? Join us to explore more about our responsibility as Rostered Ministers to make space for leaders - in the fullness of their identities - to serve our church with authentic, necessary gifts rather than minimizing, or merely tolerating, diversity. Together we will share tools, resources, and stories about how to celebrate difference as a gift to the church. You will be encouraged and challenged to go back to your community and start making change now.

The Past, Present and Future of Vision and Expectations and its Implications for you as a Rostered Minister 
The Rev. Dr. Philip C. Hirsch, Executive Director, ELCA Domestic Mission
In April 2019, the Church Council declined to consider Trustworthy Servants of God, a document drafted to replace Vision and Expectations. The Council requested that further consideration of a new Vision and Expectations document be part of a process that would intentionally include diverse voices. A listening group met to begin such a process. This workshop will report on what has taken place since that time as well as what is being planned for what comes next.

The Power of a Story
Molly Beck Dean, Director, ELCA Youth Gathering
The ELCA Youth Gathering values sharing people’s stories and connecting them to God’s story and their participants’ stories as a part of faith formation. Join with staff of the Gathering to learn best practices of storytelling including mentoring others to tell their story. Come and share ways your ministry is telling stories to build faith or come with questions about how to effectively communicate story or why this might be a value for your ministry.

Unleashed by the Holy Spirit: Sharing the Gospel as a Spiritual Community 
The Rev. Dr. Cheryl M. Peterson, Professor of Systematic Theology and Associate Dean for Academics, Trinity Lutheran Seminary at Capital University
This workshop will first explore what it means to be unleashed for mission by the power of the Holy Spirit, with reference to Luther’s Large Catechism and the Acts of the Apostles. We will then discuss twelve shifts in thinking and practice that congregations can make, as they seek to live into God’s purpose for them as a Spirit-unleashed community.

Welcoming the Stranger: Update and Opportunities for Ministry Related to Migrants, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers
Krish O'Mara Vignarajah, President and CEO, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service; The Rev. Sharon Baglyos, Assistant Director for Outreach, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service; Kristin Witte, Director for Outreach, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service
Please join the CEO and staff from Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service for discussion on current issues relating to refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers. LIRS will provide updates on realities and policies; and highlight resources for congregations and other groups to use for faithful engagement of the issue and discernment of faithful action. This is also an opportunity to share what support might be most helpful in these times. Come with questions; come with suggestions.

Working with NAMI for Mental Health Ministry 
Deacon Lynn Bulock, Director of Senior Ministry, New Hope Lutheran Church, Agoura Hills, California
Mental health ministry can be a challenge. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and their FaithNet organization can help.See how you can partner with your local NAMI affiliate for programs, workshops, support groups and educational materials.

Young Adult Ministry: Discernment 
Savanna Sullivan, Program Director, ELCA Young Adult Ministries; Deacon Stephanie Anderson, Director of Young Adult Gather, Minneapolis Area Synod; Director of Faith Engagement, St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, Mahtomedi, Minnesota
To rekindle a gift, you have to identify that gift in the first place. Young Adults across the ELCA have voiced a deep need for discernment tools and practices, and for fellowship and community. Join ELCA Young Adult Ministries as we engage in discussion about the importance, gifts, and challenges of ministry with young adults, and as we explore discernment as a tool for young adult ministry in your congregation, synod, or other context.