The Lutheran Church of Rwanda (LCR), a member of the Lutheran World Federation, is a rapidly growing new Lutheran church body. Started by Rwandan refugees returning from Tanzania after the 1994 genocide, its 7,000 members and 37 pastors are organized into 28 parishes with 50 congregations.

The LCR and its local congregations work to renew Rwandan communities in the wake of the 1994 genocide, which left one million people dead, the nation collapsed, and the infrastructure destroyed. Rwandan Lutherans reach out to refugees who initially fled the country in the 1960s as a result of ethnic tensions. The church also reaches out to those who were living in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide. The LCR engages in creating sustainable peace and reconciliation by coordinating and conducting seminars and workshops for community and congregational leaders. Rwandan Lutherans are building their church and renewing their country through parish activities and health and development projects.

Young Adults in Global Mission volunteers serving in Rwanda will work closely with the congregational, social, and reconciliation ministries of the church. They will also participate in the daily work and life of the Rwandan people, which has subsistence agriculture at its base.

Placements will be made in urban, small town, and village settings. YAGM volunteers will support existing congregational and social ministries of the LCR, but will also be invited to use their skills to create, in consultation with the church, new programs and ministries. Because of this, YAGM volunteers serving in Rwanda must have a strong sense of self-initiative.

Examples of service opportunities include:

  • Assisting in parish ministries of music, teaching and evangelism
  • Supporting or developing social ministry programs for children and youth (i.e. literacy, basic computer skills, English teaching)
  • Serving in a vocational training school teaching welding and job skills to area youth
  • Teaching basic Bible and theology courses to seminary students and lay evangelists
  • Working with community organizers in health and development projects
  • Working with high school students and administration at a Lutheran school in the areas of environmental education, science, math, sports, or music
  • Supporting women’s economic development and mutual support programs

College degree or equivalent life experience is required for service in Rwanda.

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