God’s work never stops. Churchwide office staff are still hard at work – from our homes. Hours and lines of communication remain the same.

The Rev. Ana L. Lugo

Ana Lugo




Florida-Bahamas Synod

"Pastor Ana brings inspiration, education and resources to grow thankful generosity. In the pulpit, meeting with small groups, offering a presentation, working with the endowment team, or sitting with those interested in initiating or revisiting legacy plans, Pastor Ana has been needed, appreciated and well received.”

“We were delighted to receive assistance with a task that we had put off for approximately 30 years — updating our wills and health care directives. Pastor Ana provided a safe, structured atmosphere where we could laugh, reflect and pray over our important personal decisions. She provided insightful and astute advice, helped us set up manageable goals and helped us find appropriate legal resources in our community.”