Gender-based Violence

On November 14, 2015 the ELCA Church Council adopted, unanimously, a social message on gender-based violence accompanied by foundational documentation. Messages are adopted by the Church Council as a means to encourage learning and moral discourse. Click here for the social message and click here for its foundational documentation.  Final copy edits and format revision have yet to be done according to ELCA publication style but these texts are provided as preliminary versions.

Click here to learn more from an FAQ about the project. | en español

The ELCA’s Task Force on Women and Justice: One in Christ requested this message after a year of listening events at which intense concerns were voiced about the growing level of gender-based violence in U.S. society. "Gender-based violence" includes, but is not limited to, rape, sexual abuse, physical and sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, and sexual harassment. It can be perpetuated by anyone. (For information about the full span of work being done by the task force, visit the Women and Justice page.)

Staff of the Theological Discernment Team in the Office of the Presiding Bishop is responsible for the project. The message will be developed in light of existing ELCA social teaching documents such as the statements on race, ethnicity and culture and sexuality; the message on commercial sexual exploitation; and the policy resolution on domestic violence. These resources can be found on the Theological Discernment resource page.

Comments or questions can be shared about this project at any time by email.