ELCA Fund for Leaders

The realities and possibilities of the 21st-century demand that we have a critical mass of exceptionally astute and creative leaders — people defined by their generous evangelical imaginations who can point the way for both their individual congregations and for the church as a whole.

The ELCA Fund for Leaders, a merit-based scholarship program, enables us to attract men and women of tremendous promise to become pastors and rostered lay leaders, and to study at an ELCA seminary. The fund serves as the ongoing promise of this church that candidates for ministry will have the opportunity to pursue a path toward informed faith and passionate discipleship. 

Each of us has a unique role to play in realizing our commitment as Lutherans to “always being made new.” Your gift to the ELCA Fund for Leaders ensures that highly talented individuals will be able to answer the call to leadership for this church and for our future.

For more information, please send us an email or call 800-638-3522.

Two calls and a family
Two calls and a family - ELCA Fund for Leaders