Rick Steves “Luther and the Reformation”

“Luther and the Reformation”

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Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, 

Rick Steves' Luther and the Reformation DVD CoverThe 500th anniversary of the Reformation is not only a time for reflection on the rich history of this church, but also a chance to look forward to what lies ahead for all of us. It’s an exciting time to be Lutheran as we come together with the Roman Catholic Church on the foundation of our common heritage. Rick Steves’ “Luther and the Reformation” is a wonderful resource for all of us – pastors and lay people alike – to better understand our Lutheran roots and help us in our continued journey of understanding the Gospel. I invite you to stream and share this video with your congregation and use the discussion questions to help guide a conversation in your community.

Thank you to Rick Steves for generously giving all members of the ELCA access to “Luther and the Reformation.”


Bishop Elizabeth Eaton

Elizabeth Eaton
Presiding Bishop
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

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