Schools and Early Learning Centers

We have an amazing weekday ministry in the ELCA - our schools and early learning centers supported by the Evangelical Lutheran Education Association (ELEA).

There are 1,400 schools and early learning centers in the ELCA sharing the Lutheran faith and a solid education. A large majority of these are preschools that connect young families to their local Lutheran community. The ELEA provides centers excellent connections spanning from Alaska to Puerto Rico, that could not be shared without their guidance.

The ELEA belongs to the Council for American Private Education — and is recognized alongside other private schools across the country. The ELEA primarily supports, empowers, and resources schools, early learning centers and their connected congregations through regular webinars, annual gatherings and weekly updates. The ELEA provides several tools for congregations, pastors, school administrators, principals, directors, schools boards, committees and parents.

Full Time Executive Director Cory Newman and part-time Membership Director Melanie Bicket can wisely answer any questions about our ELEA schools and early learning centers at Guardians looking for a school can locate them by using the School Locator and searching by zip code.