God’s work never stops. Churchwide office staff are still hard at work – from our homes. Hours and lines of communication remain the same.

Getting Social


Social media is a reality of our daily communication and ministry of the ELCA. The use of social mediums allows us to reach broad, larger audiences and build trust, engagement and community.  We encourage the use of social media in the Called Forward Together in Christ process to reach out to people across this church to be a part of the conversation.

Goals of Social Media Use in Called Forward Together in Christ

  • Engage with a diverse group of voices about the future directions of the ELCA
  • Cultivate conversations focused around the future directions of the ELCA
  • Listen to all voices to gain trust and insight to their views of the ELCA
  • Strengthen relationships as a church together while shaping future directions
  • Translate these engagements into off-line action and discussion of priorities

Types of content to publish and share

Ask! The goal of Called Forward Together in Christ is to actively receive feedback and ideas about the future of the church.  Create content that asks for feedback and acknowledges how important their engagement is to the process.

Six areas to shape conversation around:
  • What is distinctive about our identity as a Lutheran church?
  • What kind of church do we believe God is calling us to become?
  • How do we become an inclusive, diverse church that is inspiring and relevant in different communities?
  • What is God calling us to do in a world that is facing unprecedented levels of poverty, conflict and violence, inter-religious tension and massive displacement of people?
  • What do we expect from our church leaders? And, how do we recruit, invest in and support them to lead this church into the future?
  • Will our current structures serve the church well into the future? How can we maintain strong local participation and ownership and, at the same time, achieve a connection to ELCA as one church?

Adjacent content:
Be sure to share content that is relevant and aligns with the goals of Called Forward Together in Christ.  Share or re-tweet information that is posted on the ELCA Facebook or ELCA Twitter page as a way to encourage engagement with the process. Visit ELCA.org/future for inspiration on creating your own content about Called Forward Together in Christ.

Responses: Social media relies on conversations.  So, jump in and be a part of them when you notice comments or posts related to the future of our church.

Frequency: There is no magic number of posts.   Don’t just post updates to meet an imaginary quota, but post enough to add value to the conversation and encourage continued visits to the platform.

Hashtag #ELCAFuture:  The use of #ELCAFuture on all posts related to the Called Forward Together in Christ process provides opportunities to build your audience base and easily allow a way to search content on Called Forward Together in Christ and invites others to share their thoughts with everyone who is participating in the discussion.  Be sure to include #ELCAFuture on all content and responses that come from your social media.

General social media best practices
  • Show up: Be present and continue to make your presence known on social media. Give people a reason to invest in a continued relationship.
  • Keep it Simple: Create focused content for your audience and message. Review your current audiences and keep the message targeted to the platform and audience.
  • Monitor and Listen: Monitor social channels as frequently as you can. Respond, adjust and interact with meaningful conversations that are happening.
  • Be Human: This may sound obvious, but speak to the audience as you would in a normal conversation. Be kind. Be real. Be respectful. Creating contrived messaging and tone will alienate the audience and discourage continued engagement.
  • Be Inclusive: Strive to make everyone feel valued and part of the conversation.

Toolkit Now Available

CFTC Toolkit

Use this toolkit to begin the Called Forward Together in Christ process.