The social message on “Living in a Time of Terrorism” was developed in the early years of the 21st century as acts of terrorism reached haunting proportions throughout the world. Drawing on the social statement “For Peace in God’s World,” the ELCA Church Council adopted this message as a means to facilitate thoughtful discussion in congregations and to encourage members to participate in civic deliberation as citizens. It is a resource for reflection on such questions as:
  • What is terrorism?
  • In light of our faith, how should we oppose terrorism?
  • What are the responsibilities and limits of government for earthly peace and security?
  • What gives rise to terrorism?
  • How does our faith address the fear that terrorism causes?
Through this message, we encourage people, congregations and communities to talk together about what it means to be peacemakers in a time of terrorism and to take part in the ongoing public discussion on terrorism, security and peace.

You can read or download the full social message on “Living in a Time of Terrorism” in English or en español. This social message was adopted in 2004 by the Church Council of the ELCA.

Social Message (en)

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