“AIDS and the Church's Ministry of Caring,” was the first social message of the newly formed ELCA in 1988. Although now clearly dated, it speaks of the ELCA's concern for human suffering, anxiety and well-being, and recognizes that AIDS is a disease that affects women, men, children and entire communities around the world. The body of Christ has AIDS, and this social message continues to urge the church and all people to be well-informed and active in this ongoing issue of health and justice.

This message commits the ELCA to a ministry of caring that welcomes all people into the life of our congregations and supports efforts within the church, communities and society to eliminate the spread of AIDS and care for those who are affected by AIDS.

You can read or download the full social message on “AIDS and the Church’s Ministry of Caring.”

National HIV Testing Day
Bulletin Insert

Each year, June 27 marks
National HIV Testing Day.