Faith, Sexism, and Justice: A Call to Action Study Guide

Faith, Sexism and Justice


This study guide for the social statement Faith, Sexism, and Justice: A Call to Action has six sessions that guide participants to engage the social statement and discern ways to take action. The sessions are interactive and flexible (45-, 60- or 90-minutes), with options for in-person gatherings, interactive virtual meetings, or virtual discussions.

Below are links to each study session, which includes a leader's guide, each session's handouts and videos, and additional resources. The sessions are available in English and Spanish, and the videos all have Spanish captions.

If you do not have access to reliable internet and it would be difficult to download the sessions and stream the videos, you can purchase a USB flash drive that has all of the materials in English by clicking here. If you need a USB of the Spanish materials, please email us here.



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