Campaign Stories

Through The Campaign for the ELCA, all of us – every synod, congregation and ELCA member – has the opportunity to invest in the future of this church, deepen relationships and expand ministries that serve our neighbors and communities in the United States and around the world. Together, we can achieve things on a scale and scope we could never do otherwise. On this page, you will find stories of those stepping up to lend their support, as well as stories of the impact these gifts are already making throughout our church and world.

Campaign donor profile:

Neal and Judy SniderNeal and Judy Snider
Their story is one of faith, prayer and stewardship.
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Elizabeth Hammond and Randall StrossenElizabeth Hammond and Randall Strossen
Committed to new ways of 'being church together'
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Elmo Lutheran ChurchElmo Lutheran Church
Change for Change in South Sudan
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Orrin StrandOrrin Strand
Orrin's gift of "first fruits"
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Faith Lutheran"We're meant to be a people of generosity"
Faith Lutheran Church
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RodaleRenateRodale and Renate Emken
On the power of friendship, chickens and giving
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philPhil and Shauna Schneider
Honoring Dad by Supporting Young Pastors
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M. TitterudMarvin Titterud
Remembering his parents and what's important
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Jim and Jan Dennis
Jim and Jan Dennis: Their malaria mission
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