Finance for Synods

Synod treasurers, administrators and bookkeepers:

This information is for you to use in fulfilling your responsibilities for financial reporting and remittance of funds to the ELCA Office of the Treasurer.

You have the responsibility for four primary financial communications with the churchwide organization:

Applications and Tools:

Synod Gift Export Tools for the Synod Remittance Advice System

The following Microsoft Windows-based programs may be used to extract gift data from your synod's accounting software needed for import into the Synod Remittance Advice System: Authorization for ACH Withdrawal Form
Synods are requested to complete an ACH withdrawal form to streamline the remittance of funds. This form is an Adobe PDF document.

SRA-1 Form (Alternative Option to the SRAS system)
The SRA-1 Form is automatically completed by the SRAS system and is the preferred method of remittance. If a synod is unable to use the SRAS system, the synod may complete and submit the SRA-1 form on its own.

Not sending your remittances electronically?
If you cannot use the Synod Remittance Advice System to submit your remittances electronically; Click here to obtain an Adobe PDF version of the SRA-1 form. This form allows for manual completion only.

A quick way to denote a synod's  monthly gift is by using the ELCA Fund IDs Click here to view.

Resources are provided in response to frequently asked questions about best practices. If you have suggestions for additional resources related to financial best practices for synods, please email your questions here.

Fund IDs

A quick way
to denote a synod's
monthly gift is
by using the

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