Annual Congregation Report

Each year, every congregation, synod-authorized worshiping community (SAWC) and new start is asked to provide information about its people, finances, and resources through the Annual Congregation Report. This provides the churchwide organization and synods with a record of the congregations and worshiping communities that make up the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

In mid-January 2024, all ELCA congregations, SAWCs and new starts will receive the 2023 Annual Congregation Report packet through the mail. If your congregation or worshiping community would like to begin compiling information for the report before receiving the packet, electronic versions of Form A and several supporting documents are available below. A set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will help you navigate the process.

The Annual Congregation Report is one of the tools the churchwide organization and synods use to measure the vitality and resources of this church so we can better understand how we are equipped to share the Good News of Jesus with our neighbors. It helps give us a clearer picture of who we are as a church so we can plan for our future.

Beginning this year, the Annual Congregation Report consists of only one form, Form A, which asks for statistical information about the membership, attendance, and stewardship of your worshiping community.

The 2023 Annual Congregation Report packet should arrive mid-January 2024.

The packet will contain a cover letter from Secretary Rothmeyer, a paper copy of Form A, and instructions for completing the form. Your congregation’s ID and password—needed to file your report online—are printed at the top of the paper version of Form A.

The system for online submission will open in mid-January 2024. You can access this system at

You can find the password for your congregation:

  • At the top of Form A, included in the mailed packet.
  • Through the “Request login info” function at
  • By contacting your synod office.

All the documents are available for download above. However, to file your Form A online at, you will need to locate your congregation ID and password.

  • To find your congregation ID, go to Click on the “Congregations” tab and enter information about your congregation or worshiping community. Clicking on your congregation’s name will bring you to your congregation’s directory page. The five-digit number in parentheses behind your congregation’s name is your congregation ID.
  • To find your password, use the “Request login info” function at or contact your synod office.

Complete the printed Form A and mail the original to your synod office.

Whether you complete your form electronically or on paper, please submit it by March 1, 2024.

The best place to find data from previous years is through your congregation’s trend report, accessible through Click on the “Congregations” tab and enter information about your congregation. Clicking on your congregation’s name will bring you to your congregation’s directory page.

On the right-hand side of the page is a green “Trend Report” button. The trend report includes current congregation information as well as historical trends in attendance, membership, and active participation. Previously submitted information on giving can be found in the “Printer Ready Report.”

The online system, available at, will remain open to collect the 2022 Annual Congregation Report through Dec. 21, 2023. After that date you will need to complete the 2022 Form A and Form C on paper, scan them, and send them to



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Annual Congregation Report


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