Assignment Process

Assignment completes candidacy for all people, including those ordained in another Lutheran church or Christian tradition, moving them toward first call and admittance to the appropriate roster in the ELCA. Through prayerful discernment at the assignment consultation, candidates are assigned to a specific region and later a synod where they will seek their first call.

Confidence in the surprises and faithfulness of God can provide sustenance and comfort for this assignment process, addressing the natural human anxieties that come with any venture into the unknown. This is truly a faith venture that includes the candidate and this whole church. We continue to keep you in prayer.

A list of all of the required candidate forms is available in the Assignment resource page.

About assignment forms

A simple list of forms is posted on the Assignment resource page.

Assignment forms are to be submitted electronically only (The Candidate Paperwork Form should be sent by email and the Rostered Leader Profile should be submitted electronically to the Mobility Database System as per the instructions on the form itself). In order to be included in an assignment process, the Candidate Paperwork Form (A, B and R, commentary) must be emailed to our office. Please note that simply submitting your Rostered Leader Profile to the Mobility Database System will not get you on the list for Assignment.

The transition from Formatta to new web-based forms is still underway. We expect that new forms will be available in July 2014. More updates will be coming soon!

For more information

Contact the program director for assignment at 800-638-3522, ext. 2471 or send an email.