Called Forward Together in Christ

Called forward together in Christ

ELCA Strategic Directions 2025 Goals

Propelled by a commitment to Lutheran traditions and to being a community of faith that is always forming and being renewed, the ELCA’s presiding bishop, Church Council and Conference of Bishops initiated Called Forward Together in Christ in late 2015. The process sought to engage the ELCA in conversation about future directions so that the Church Council might reach decisions that help this church journey faithfully and effectively together in the years ahead.

The five goals

ELCA Strategic Direction 2025 goals and priority areas for the ELCA as a whole church. These are based in a shared trust and hope that the future is in God’s hands. And they express what this church has collectively said is important into the future.

Future Directions
A look back at the process.

A Thriving Church

ELCA Goals
Goal one

A thriving church spreading the gospel and deepening faith for all.

Priority action areas

An Equipping Church

Bishop William Gafkjen
Goal two

A church equipping people for their baptismal vocations in the world and this church.

Priority action areas

A Welcoming Church

Bishop Richard Graham
Goal three

An inviting and welcoming church that reflects and embraces the diversity of our communities and the gifts and opportunities that diversity brings.

Priority action areas

A Deeply Committed Church

Bishop Kurt Kusserow
Goal four

A visible church deeply committed to working ecumenically and with other people of faith for justice, peace and reconciliation in communities and around the world.

Priority action areas

A Well-Governed Connected Church

The Rev. Brenda Smith
Goal five

A well-governed, connected and sustainable church.

Priority action areas

Booklet Future paper 2025CALLED FORWARD TOGETHER IN CHRIST: ELCA Strategic Directions 2025