By now most of you have been informed of the new improvements coming to  We are preparing to implement some technical improvements to eliminate the Formatta forms we use in the Candidacy Process.  Our Information Technology (IT) staff has been working to make the transition from Formatta to Adobe/web-based forms a simpler experience.  These improvements were expected to be completed by December 9.  However, to ensure a successful migration, which includes the conversion of the current Formatta data to the new technology, IT is requesting more time to validate and add quality assurance to their work before asking the synod to test these forms as well.  Rather than risking a go-live date that would run into the Christmas season, we will be moving the date into the first part of 2014.  You should continue to use the Formatta forms until further notice. 

We will let you know at the beginning of the year of the revised go-live date.  We thank you for your patience through this process and appreciate your work on behalf of the Gospel.

The church continually seeks men and women who will serve as faithful, bold witnesses to the good news of Jesus Christ. Candidacy is the thorough and thoughtful process of discernment and preparation that leads individuals to approval for the public ministries of this church and participation as called leaders in the work God is doing in communities throughout the world. These public ministries include associates in ministry, deaconesses, diaconal ministers and ordained pastors.

We are called to work together as a church, and this is reflected in the candidacy process — from beginning to end. Candidacy invites an active partnership of the candidates and their families; congregations, synods and their candidacy committees; special ministries, seminaries and churchwide units, all acting together on behalf of the entire church. The candidacy process invites representatives of the church to help determine — with the candidate — whether their character, ability, health and wellness, spiritual formation, preparation and commitment are appropriate for the ministry in which they seek to serve. It is a process guided by the Holy Spirit that calls upon the gifts and insights of many people to raise up, prepare, certify and place public leaders in ministries of the ELCA.

Are you open, curious and attuned to what God is up to in the world? Are you wondering about the gifts and abilities God has given you for loving and serving your neighbor? Are you asking questions about how God is calling you to live and serve as a leader here and now, in the world, with all its complexities, challenges and questions? Then learning more about candidacy is a good place to continue your journey, and to not be alone in the process.

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