Lent: ‘Living on liquid’

In Seattle in 2001, an earthquake ushered in Ash Wednesday.

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Embracing diversity in the pews

Multicultural ELCA congregations share their successes, struggles.

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A classroom on the current

Augsburg College leads the nation’s first semester on the Mississippi.

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Enrich your prayer life with yoga

Why not pray with our whole bodies? Why not pray with our whole selves?

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Clean Up

Cleaning out and starting fresh

Congregations tell what they’ve tossed, sometimes reviving mission.

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We are the magi and light

As we journey, may we not weary as we wander through our nights.

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New life for special children

Tanzania program helps them develop despite their disabilities.

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The promise, hope of Christmas

God comes to us, finds us and gives our restless hearts rest.

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Special dolls comfort recipients

Custom made with love, the gifts reflect the child’s missing limb. 

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Fred’s Gifts: a mission tradition

Sales support the ELCA while bringing joy to others $1 at a time. 

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A starry Advent night

A Michigan congregation continues its tradition of Advent decorating.

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One, large extended family

A Montana couple connects college students to church.

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Food for body and soul

Hometown bakery builds community, one loaf at a time

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Church a ‘safe place’ for veterans

Veterans Day is more than simply thanking those who risked their lives.

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Myths about today’s young adults

As a church, we need to avoid generalizing about millennials.

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Halloween: a trick or a treat

Halloween: a trick or a treat?

The day can excite or incite us – how shall we think of it?

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Women and the Reformation

Its legacy of strong women continues to empower leaders today.

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What if pastor and I disagree?

I hope you will both listen to one another in love, not in anger.

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Soil nurtures our body and soul

It’s “dirt-y” work that reminds us of our place in the world.

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Young reformers’ global network

Young Lutherans are celebrating their roots, continuing the Reformation.

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Fitness, fellowship and faith

Hold the post-worship pastries and put on your walking shoes.

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Malaria Campaign reaches goal

Programs in 13 African countries have been fully funded.

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Little Church

The little church that could

Through Mission Support, a Florida congregation finds new life.

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Called to connect

A new pastor traces her path to a year of service in Mexico.

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A home away from home

A congregation makes Latino outreach an important ministry.

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Hurricane Katrina 10 years later

“I had no idea what to do … [then] the Lutherans called me.”

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White rose

On forgiveness and sex abuse

A survivor writes of the harm caused by forced forgiveness.

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From refugee to ordination

South Sudanese war refugee embraces the Lutheran message.

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Roofs and ripple effects

A synod’s African mission goes beyond shelter from rain.

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Retired pastors bring new life

A small, rural congregation is starting to run out of room. 

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‘We remembered, chose to act’

ELCA pastor helps honor World War II-era Japanese Americans.

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A new online faith community

The Slate Project is a new way to bring ministry to people.

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