ABC book for children and adults


ABC book for children and adults
With the "camel that can't fit through narrow places" and the "zebra pair who made it just in time," award-winning author Alice Camille takes readers through a colorful catalog of biblical creatures with her book "Animals of the Bible from A to Z."

Illustrations by Sarah Evelyn Showalter depict one animal for each letter of the alphabet on a two-page spread. There is the original scapegoat "G is for the goat that takes the whole town's blame away", the talking donkey "X is for the extra-special donkey that could talk!" and the sacrificial lamb "Y is for the yearling lamb that gave his life".

This ABC book is not simply a children's book. Alice includes "pages for grownups," with biblical references, lessons and explanations for each entry. This section, along with the illustrations, not only offers instruction but does it with humor -- when the ravens feed Elijah, "the prophet becomes so unpopular after predicting a drought that God decides to send him into a witness protection program in the desert."

Alice is an educator and an Associated Church Press and Religion Communicators Council award winner.

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