A user's guide to baptism — something for everyone


A user's guide to baptism — something for everyone

Martin Marty's book "Baptism: A User's Guide" is for those already baptized as well as those who are considering baptism.

According to Marty, to see baptism as merely a ceremony greatly limits the meanings of Christian baptism. Martin Luther recommended that believers should begin and end their day reminding themselves of their baptism and then go to work or to sleep cheerfully.

Baptism is at the heart of the everyday, life-long spiritual journey, Marty asserts, as he explores such questions as:

How did early Christians understand and practice baptism?
What difference does baptism make in our daily life?
How does baptism manifest itself in our relationships, our choices, our faith?

Marty brings us both the history of baptism and a guide to its application for everyday life. The book includes questions for reflection and discussion.

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