Rise Up

Building bridges, bringing hope

The ELCA youth who gathered in Detroit were a powerful witness.

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Dog Days

Coping with spiritual dog days

There are ways to navigate such times until there is a break.

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It’s a gift, plain and simple

Jesus comes to heal our souls, our separation from God.

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I learned to hide my true nature

Bishop Kevin Kanouse’s July 18 letter to members of his synod.

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Relax and let go – always!

Trust God to do what we cannot. The pressure is off.

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On vacations and vocations

At times, we make the mistake of equating work and vocation.

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Retired pastors bring new life

A small, rural congregation is starting to run out of room. 

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Helping kids learn stewardship

If you give more than you pledged, do you get a refund?

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The inoculating power of VBS

I wondered about the effect of the week on each child. 

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Sharing a ‘poor-man’s dinner’

Scripture calls us to have the faith to share what we have.

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Threatened with resurrection

The Youth Gathering’s mission rises up outside a Dairy Queen.

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Candyland and early lessons

A good one is: You aren’t perfect but still are loved by God.

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Nice is not enough – or the point

People aren’t coming to congregations to make new friends.

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Dealing with demons of busyness

It’s the way we prove that we’re important and indispensable.

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Feeling spiritually out-of-sync

There is a spiritual malaise that afflicts at various times.

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Called to have compassion

Called to have compassion

We are called to break into the cycle of fear and violence.

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Sign posts on road to equality

In 1848, a few women dared to dream of a more inclusive world.

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Friendship, service and fun

The 2015 ELCA Youth Gathering begins Wednesday in Detroit.

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