First word from the cross


First word from the cross


By Sandi Rice

Originally posted March 25, 2014, at I’m Christian. I’m Gay. Let’s Talk. Republished with permission of the author.

Note: Sandi Rice is a guest columnist for David Eck’s blog.

Reinhold Niebuhr said, "Forgiveness is the final form of love." We see and hear that sentiment so dramatically displayed in Jesus’ words and actions on the cross. In an instant he was able to see through the eyes of love, and not fear — and miraculously offered a supremely divine gift of forgiveness to those who were taking his own life.

We know, however, that forgiveness is hard. I believe it is a long and intentional process for most of us. The reason it is a process is that we have to acknowledge and come to grips with how we have been wronged and what real impact that wrong has had on our lives.

I have told many people over the years, “Don’t forgive too quickly — just make sure you do.” Though Jesus was able to give his forgiveness in an incredible instant, it takes most of us more time simply because we have more to work through. True forgiveness takes time and intention.

We are reminded that we — in our own abilities — may fall short of being able to forgive as we need to. We can, however, acknowledge that it is through the pure love and forgiveness that Jesus offers to us that we in turn are freed to forgive others.

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