Losing Salvation

Can we lose our salvation?

Can we put ourselves outside of God’s love and salvation?

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Can we doubt the resurrection?

Does a Christian have to believe in Jesus’ resurrection?

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Should I follow or believe?

Kathryn wonders if following and believing are different.

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Where did Jesus descend to?

Why do we say Jesus descended to the “dead” instead of “hell?”

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Is God’s mercy for everyone?

Does God show mercy to nonbelievers who live good lives?

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Consult a medium

Is it a sin to consult a medium?

Is it OK to talk to a medium about a deceased loved one?

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Books Banned

Books banned from the Bible?

What are the apocryphal books that were left out of the Bible?

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reading the Bible

Where do I start in the Bible?

John asks which books of the Bible you should read first.

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Is the Bible set in stone

Is the Bible set in stone?

Is “scripture” still being written today but not added to the Bible?

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