Where is Lutheranism growing

Where is Lutheranism growing?

Why has the growth of Lutheranism in Africa outpaced the U.S.?

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What does knowing Jesus mean

What does ‘knowing Jesus’ mean?

You may know Christ better than you think you do.

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Does God have a purpose for me

Does God have a purpose for me?

Does God have a purpose and role for everyone in the church?

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Am I good enough for God

Am I good enough for God?

Should I worry about my faith being strong or good enough for God?

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Wheres Jesus in the creeds

Where’s Jesus in the creeds?

Why do our creeds skip talking about Jesus’ life and ministry?

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7 day week for the Israelites

7-day week for the Israelites?

Did the Old Testament Hebrew calendar have a Sunday?

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Why the violence in the OT

Why the violence in the OT?

The Old Testament has violent, terrible stuff in it. Why read it?

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Do politics and religion mix

Do politics and religion mix?

Can there be a healthy relationship between politics and faith?

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