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Health Care

The social statement “Caring for Health: Our Shared Endeavor” expresses ELCA teaching on health and the health care system. The vision of health as a shared endeavor rests in a biblical view that wholeness is a blessing that God intends for all people. In this vision, “A ministry of healing is integral to the life and mission of the Church.” Such a shared endeavor means each person bears some responsibility for his or her own health, but health and health care also depend upon other people and conditions in society and our communities.

Guided by this vision, the statement addresses the health care system and its primary parts, from congregations to medical research, and describes broad beliefs to guide our discernment and work toward change in a political, economic and cultural environment that often is more adversarial than cooperative.

You can read or download the full social statement on “Caring for Health: Our Shared Endeavor” in English or en español. The statement was adopted in 2003 by the ELCA Churchwide Assembly.

Social Statement (en)

Social Statement (esp)

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