Current Social Writing Projects

Thoughtful, active participation in society is vital to the mission of the ELCA as we join in God's work in the world. As individual members, and as a larger organized faith community, we are liberated by our faith to love and serve our neighbors and the communities in which they live — questions, complexities and all. Social statements, messages, social policy resolutions and studies of social issues are important tools and resources that guide our church as it participates in what God is up to in society and the world.

"Policies and Procedures of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America for Addressing Social Concerns" describes the purpose, character and processes for how we develop social statements, messages, social policy resolutions and studies. For a better understanding of the ELCA’s social teaching and policy development, visit "How the ELCA Addresses Social Concerns."

Currently, there are two writing projects underway, one on the social issue of "Women and Justice" and one on human rights. The ELCA Task Force on "Women and Justice: One in Christ" is leading the work on the first project and is charged with the responsibility to bring a social statement to the 2019 ELCA Churchwide Assembly. Work from the second project will be received for consideration by the ELCA Church Council at its November 2017 meeting as a proposed social message on human rights. The draft message has been made available for feedback.


Women and Justice Draft

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Social Message on Human Rights
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