Hand in Handhttp://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/Youth for YAGMLanny Westphal, director of ELCA Global Church Sponsorshiphttp://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/459http://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/459<div class="ExternalClass5E8FECC4A8A04B93951A97F6337ABEAD"><p><img alt="Youth for YAGM_11-17-14.jpg" src="http://search.elca.org/blogs/SiteAssets/Lists/Hand%20in%20Hand/Browse/Youth%20for%20YAGM_11-17-14.jpg" style="margin&#58;5px;" /><br><br>Connect your youth with ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM)!</p><p>*&#160;Your youth group is invited to make covenants of prayer, mutual communication and financial support for a YAGM group or individual participant. (See <a href="http&#58;//www.elca.org/YAGMsupport"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">www.ELCA.org/YAGMsupport</span></a>.)</p><p>*&#160;YAGMs are young adults (age 21-29) who serve for a year in one of eight country groups&#58; Argentina/Uruguay, Jerusalem/West Bank, Madagascar, Mexico, Central Europe (Hungary), Southern Africa and the United Kingdom – and new in 2014, Rwanda! (See <a href="http&#58;//www.elca.org/Our-Work/Global-Church/Global-Mission/Young-Adults-in-Global-Mission"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">www.ELCA.org/YAGM</span></a>.) </p><p>__________</p><p><br>Nov. 14, 2014<br>By Lanny Westphal</p><p><strong>2015 ELCA Youth Gathering will support YAGMs</strong></p><p>In Detroit, synod youth leaders&#160;gathered this weekend from across the ELCA to prepare for next July's ELCA Youth Gathering. The theme of the &quot;synod day&quot; at the Youth Gathering will be &quot;How Jesus is good news.&quot; To illustrate this theme, Karis Ailabouni, who served last year with the ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM), told a story on YouTube about how Jesus was good news to her through the people who welcomed her warmly and enthusiastically when she first arrived to serve in Madagascar. Hear her moving story at <a href="https&#58;//www.youtube.com/watch?v=r51Ex7kTItE&amp;feature=em-upload_owner#action=share"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">https&#58;//www.youtube.com/watch?v=r51Ex7kTItE&amp;feature=em-upload_owner#action=share</span></a>.</p><p>In these months before the Youth Gathering, youth from your synod can connect to exciting global missionaries like Karis! Congregations and youth groups are encouraged sponsor a YAGM, especially those with connections in your synod, by making a covenant of prayer, communication and financial support. Learn how to do this at <a href="http&#58;//www.elca.org/YAGMsupport"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">www.ELCA.org/YAGMsupport</span></a>&#160; or contact <a href="mailto&#58;globalchurch@elca.org"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">globalchurch@elca.org</span></a>. Then consider involving your YAGM in &quot;synod day&quot; in July at the Gathering in Detroit or spend the next few months learning about what missionaries and YAGM do.&#160; </p><p>A fourth of the offering at the Youth Gathering closing worship will be used to support missionaries and YAGMs, so the coming months offer a great opportunity for youth going to Detroit to learn how their gifts will be turned into exciting global ministries.<br> __________<br>&#160;<br>January 2014<br>By Lanny Westphal</p><p><strong>Youth for YAGM – the goals and benefits</strong></p><p>*&#160;Teach youth about stewardship, global mission and servant leadership</p><p>*&#160;Give youth an opportunity to teach their whole congregation about stewardship, global mission and servant leaderships</p><p>*&#160;Continue the excitement for youth who have taken part in the ELCA Malaria Campaign or the 100 Wells Challenge</p><p>*&#160;Use digital communication to foster international peer role-modeling</p><p>*&#160;Provide an opportunity for young people to consider their own vocations</p><p>*&#160;Support an exciting, growing ELCA global ministry</p><p><strong>Youth for YAGM – three simple steps</strong></p><p>Step 1&#58; On the covenant form, write your congregation or sponsoring ministry (such as synod or campus ministry) and your youth group.</p><p>Step 2&#58; Write down the YAGM individual or group you've chosen.</p><p>Step 3&#58; Choose your level of support. It can be any amount, large or small – then send it in!</p><p><strong>For more information<br></strong>Email <a href="mailto&#58;globalchurch@elca.org"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">globalchurch@elca.org</span></a> or call 800-638-3522, ext. 2657, to request information about YAGM groups and individuals in service. You can also request a &quot;sponsor covenant&quot; to make a covenant commitment for prayer, communication and financial support, or download a covenant at <a href="http&#58;//www.elca.org/resources/globalchurch"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">www.ELCA.org/resources/globalchurch</span></a>.</p></div>11/20/2014John and Barbara LeMond: A life in global missions Y. Franklin Ishidahttp://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/458http://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/458<div class="ExternalClassADABEC0F82B449EFBF4B1DE16AC5170E"><p>​<img alt="John and Barbara LeMond video screenshot_11-18-14.jpg" src="http://search.elca.org/blogs/SiteAssets/Lists/Hand%20in%20Hand/Browse/John%20and%20Barbara%20LeMond%20video%20screenshot_11-18-14.jpg" style="margin&#58;5px;" /></p><p>John and Barbara LeMond have spent most of their adult lives as missionaries. Most recently, they were ELCA missionaries in Hong Kong from 1991 until retiring this year. To watch a short video in which they talk about what a life in global missions has meant to them, click <a href="https&#58;//www.youtube.com/watch?v=53jN_egEriM"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">here</span></a>. To support another of the ELCA's more than 240 missionaries, go <a href="http&#58;//www.elca.org/Our-Work/Global-Church/Global-Church-Sponsorship"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">here</span></a>.&#160; </p></div>11/18/2014Making a new home in ColombiaCurtis and Katie Klinehttp://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/456http://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/456<div class="ExternalClassB690121A88E44A4A8E3A24CF7C59A155"><p>​<img alt="Curtis-Katie Kline_11-11-14.jpg" src="http://search.elca.org/blogs/SiteAssets/Lists/Hand%20in%20Hand/mod-view/Curtis-Katie%20Kline_11-11-14.jpg" style="margin&#58;5px;" /><br>Curtis and Katie Kline, with the rooftops of Bogota behind them.</p><p><em>Curtis and Katie Kline are new ELCA missionaries in Colombia. In this excerpt from their fall newsletter, they write about settling into a new culture. You can also read more about them and their ministry at their blog, &quot;<a href="http&#58;//8000feetandcounting.blogspot.com/">8000 Feet and Counting</a>.&quot; To support Curtis and Katie, click <a href="https&#58;//community.elca.org/Colombia">here</a>. To support&#160;another of the ELCA's more than 240 missionaries in the global church, click </em><a href="http&#58;//www.elca.org/Our-Work/Global-Church/Global-Church-Sponsorship"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;"><em>here</em></span></a>.</p><p>Can you believe we have been here just shy of three months now!?! Getting settled into our new home, our new country, and our new lives has been an experience of wonder, excitement, struggle and growth. We are moved into our own apartment in Bogota, thankfully, very close to the office. </p><p>Curtis is getting settled into his new job, learning the goals and abilities of the church in Colombia to promote and protect human rights and to build peace in the country, as well as the ways in which he can contribute. With the peace process so far successful, he will be focused on helping the church build its capacity to implement human rights and work for reconciliation. He will be doing this through trainings, community accompaniment, and network building with others in Colombia focused on similar goals. Katie is working hard to learn Spanish and to formalize her work, which will be with the women and youth ministries of Colombia. We are both high spirited about our time, experience and work in Colombia and can't wait to share it with you all.</p><p><strong>Frequently asked questions</strong></p><p><em>What has been the best part of being in Colombia?</em><br><em> </em>Hands down, the people! We work with incredibly amazing people. The people here have welcomed us and helped us more than we could have hoped for. But it doesn't stop there – people are helpful in the bus station, government offices, restaurants and everywhere else. </p><p><em>What has been the hardest part?</em><br> For both of us the language and living in and learning a new culture. The language barrier (at least right now) makes it very difficult to express ourselves fully. </p><p><em>Whom do you work with most closely? </em><br>Curtis works most closely with Andres. Andres is the other person who works with human rights here. He has also taken us both under his wing as we learn the ropes here. He has quickly become a very good friend to both of us. We are very thankful for his friendship. </p><p><em>What food do you like most there?</em><br> The fresh fruits and fresh juices. Colombia is also known as the country of fruit. Lunch is always served with fresh fruit juice (and free refills) and often a fruit salad too. But we like all the food and like trying new things; we haven't come across any food that we don't like.</p><p><em>What can we do to support you? </em><br>Communicate! Technology is so amazing. We both have WhatsApp, an app that allows us to text internationally for free (and the app is free too). We also both have Skype. We miss you and love hearing from you!</p></div>11/11/2014Cambodia: Expanding OutreachLanny Westphal, director of ELCA Global Church Sponsorship http://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/457http://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/457<div class="ExternalClassD5DC0418DA3F44D9BE2ADEDF20E86918"><p>Read on for updates on Cambodia&#58; Expanding Outreach (GCS4005), an ELCA Global Church Sponsorship project that is part of <em>Always Being Made New&#58; The Campaign for the ELCA</em>. To make a gift to this Global Ministry, click <a href="https&#58;//community.elca.org/Cambodia"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">here</span></a>. <br>__________</p><p>July 2014<br><img alt="Cambodia campaign_11-7-14.jpg" src="http://search.elca.org/blogs/SiteAssets/Lists/Hand%20in%20Hand/Browse/Cambodia%20campaign_11-7-14.jpg" style="margin&#58;5px;" /><br><span style="line-height&#58;107%;font-family&#58;&quot;times new roman&quot;,&quot;serif&quot;;font-size&#58;12pt;"><em><font color="#000000">Now is “the time” – when the country and the hearts of its people are open – to evangelize and share the saving grace of God for the total healing (physical, emotional and spiritual) of the people of Cambodia.</font></em></span> </p><p><strong><br>THE CHURCH&#58;</strong><br><strong> </strong><img alt="elca campaign logo.jpg" src="http://search.elca.org/blogs/SiteAssets/Lists/Hand%20in%20Hand/Browse/elca%20campaign%20logo.jpg" style="margin&#58;5px;vertical-align&#58;auto;float&#58;right;" />The ELCA walked with the Lutheran Church in Singapore as it began a mission in Cambodia, focusing on service, evangelism and leadership development. A Lutheran church, Lutheran Church in Cambodia / Lutheran World Mission, has now emerged and is steadily growing. The membership is largely made up of young people networking in the city.</p><p><strong>THE NEED&#58;</strong> <br>Though the Khmer Rouge regime was short-lived, the devastation it had left behind on the people and country was extensive. Thirty-five years down the road, Cambodia is still struggling to rebuild its country and people. One of the major attempts of the communist regime had been to stem out all religion in Cambodia, and the younger generation has grown up with no deep roots in the Buddhist faith, although Cambodia is largely considered a Buddhist country. At this point, the Lutheran Church in Cambodia has impacted only a small area, mostly in the cities.&#160; </p><p><strong>THE OPPORTUNITY&#58;</strong> <br>We have the opportunity to respond while the hearts of the people are open and seeking for something that would make a difference in their lives and society. ELCA Global Church Sponsorship will fund this project in evangelism over three years. It will allow evangelism activities to take place in three villages, reaching out in three new provinces. This project would enable expanded outreach programs beyond the small area in which the church currently finds itself.</p><p>An evangelism team will be organized around a pastor and Bible school students and lay people, who will rotate through the team to maximize exposure of leaders to the training in evangelism. The team will do evaluation of various sites and establish house groups and gospel stations in selected villages. It is hoped that the church will have two new congregations by the end of the project.</p><p>Leadership development, church-planting strategies, and expanding on local resources to help grow faith&#160;will help this budding church continue to grow where there is no Christian church or witness.</p><p><strong>THE IMPACT&#58;</strong>&#160; <br>The Lutheran Church in Cambodia will have mission starts in three new provinces, with the expectation of new congregations there in the future. In the meantime, the gospel seed is sown and lives are renewed through direct evangelization. </p><p><strong>GET INVOLVED!</strong> <br>This ELCA Global Church Sponsorship priority is a new ministry as part of<em> Always Being Made New&#58; The Campaign for the ELCA</em>. You can help by sharing this information, by praying, and by making a donation. </p><p><strong>By check&#58; </strong>Make your check payable to &quot;ELCA Global Church Sponsorship&quot; with &quot;Cambodia, GCS4005&quot; in the memo line, and send it to&#58; ELCA Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, ELCA Gift Processing Center, P.O. Box 1809, Merrifield, VA 22116-8009 &#160;or place your gift in the offering plate<strong>. </strong><strong>&#160;</strong><br><strong> </strong><strong>Online&#58;</strong> Go to&#160;&#160;<a title="https&#58;//community.ELCA.org/Cambodia" href="https&#58;//community.elca.org/Cambodia">https&#58;//community.ELCA.org/Cambodia</a>&#160;to make a one-time gift. <br><strong>By phone&#58;</strong> Call 800-638-3522 and pay with a credit card or set up a monthly gift.</p><p>For more information, please visit <a href="http&#58;//www.elca.org/globalchurch"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">www.elca.org/globalchurch</span></a> or contact&#58;<br> Lanny Westphal, director, ELCA Global Church Sponsorship<br> 8765 W. Higgins Road, Chicago, IL&#160; 60631 <br>773-380-264, <a href="mailto&#58;lanny.westphal@elca.org"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">lanny.westphal@elca.org</span></a></p></div>11/07/2014Siberia: Equipping the Faithful Lanny Westphal, director of ELCA Global Church Sponsorshiphttp://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/453http://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/453<div class="ExternalClass05CF359D76AF43769FDC55226D2AFFE5"><p>Read on for updates on Siberia&#58; Equipping the Faithful (GCS4030), an ELCA Global Church Sponsorship project that is part of <em>Always Being Made New&#58; The Campaign for the ELCA</em>. The project began in Siberia and has expanded to all of Russia! To make a gift to this Global Ministry, click <a href="https&#58;//community.elca.org/russia-siberia">here</a>.</p><p><br>Nov. 4, 2014<br>By Bradn Buerkle,<br>ELCA missionary in Russia<br><img alt="SvetlanaDimitry_Siberia_11-4-14.jpg" src="http://search.elca.org/blogs/SiteAssets/Lists/Hand%20in%20Hand/Browse/SvetlanaDimitry_Siberia_11-4-14.jpg" style="margin&#58;5px;" /><br><em>Dmitry and Svetlana</em></p><p><strong>A parent and her special child find suppo</strong><strong>rt</strong></p><p><img alt="elca campaign logo.jpg" src="http://search.elca.org/blogs/SiteAssets/Lists/Hand%20in%20Hand/Browse/elca%20campaign%20logo.jpg" style="margin&#58;5px;vertical-align&#58;auto;float&#58;right;" />For many years, Svetlana* felt incapable of being a parent of a Down syndrome child. In her&#160;isolated Siberian city, many people with a Down syndrome child would give the baby up for adoption. Svetlana might have, too, but she couldn't get through the paperwork during the major depression she had after Dmitry's* birth. </p><p>Svetlana's mother was able to take care of Dmitry for a time, long enough that Dmitry was able to show his family the great joy that can come from a child who is differently-abled. Eventually Svetlana was able to reach out to others in her community who were in a similar situation. They did their best to support each other, with their life experience and parental love being their only expertise. </p><p>But Svetlana continued to struggle to find the strength to work for Dmitry's good in a society that gave such little support. She didn't expect to find that much-needed support when she accompanied her mother to church one Sunday. It was there that she met Ivan*, a theology student intern. He showed Svetlana that he cared about her and her struggle to be a good parent for Dmitry and he shared with her the good news of God's love.</p><p>Since that time, Svetlana's circle of support has widened. The members of the congregation, many of whom are elderly women, have adopted her and Dimtry. Ivan has also found ways to connect Svetlana with Lutherans who work with developmentally challenged children elsewhere in the church.</p><p>Thanks to your support for the Equipping the Faithful program we are able to provide opportunities for Svetlana and others to come together in fellowship and education for growth in their faith.&#160;&#160;</p><p>Moreover, the program provides additional training for students like Ivan on the path to pastoral ministry. An increase in the program's budget will also allow Svetlana to travel through the Siberian wilderness to the &quot;neighboring&quot; congregation in the city of Irkutsk, which has a long history of working with special-needs children. </p><p>Dimitry, Svetlana, Ivan and others like them thank you for supporting the Equipping the Faithful program.</p><p>* <em>Names have been changed.<br></em>________________________________</p><p><br>Nov. 4, 2014<br>By Bradn Buerkle,<br>ELCA missionary in Russia<br><br><strong>Becoming leaders, despite the odds</strong></p><p>One is from Siberia and the other is from European Russia, so Olga* and Lena* have never met in person. But a Lutheran group in the Russian online social network Vkontakte allowed them to make their first virtual contact. </p><p>And it turns out that they have much in common. Both are just entering middle age. Both came to the church independent from (and without the support of) their families. Both found Lutheran theology to be helpful in their understanding of faith. And both go through the challenges of daily life without the full use of their legs.</p><p>Lena and Olga also both want to serve. But it won't be easy for them; their first attempts on a congregational level have proven that. Society here tries to avoid contact with people with special needs, and for many people, the thought that women could be leaders in the religious sphere is unacceptable. Yet Lena and Olga's desire to live out their faith in ministry is inspiring. It was for them and for all the other people in this country who need education but cannot travel that the Equipping the Faithful program was formed.</p><p>This project aims to maximize the accessibility of high-quality theological education through seminars held in cities and towns from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Your support for&#160;Equipping the Faithful helps the Russian Lutheran church live out its call as a model of God's grace applied to people in need and of our response to that grace in acts of love.</p><p>* <em>Names have been changed.<br></em>________________________________</p><p><br>Nov. 4, 2014<br>By Bradn Buerkle,<br>ELCA missionary in Russia<br><br><strong>Supporting and nurturing lay leaders</strong> </p><p><img alt="Rustem_Siberia_11-5-14.jpg" src="http://search.elca.org/blogs/SiteAssets/Lists/Hand%20in%20Hand/Browse/Rustem_Siberia_11-5-14.jpg" style="margin&#58;5px;vertical-align&#58;auto;float&#58;right;" />Rustem (photo, right) doesn't look like a typical Russian; that's because he's not. He's ethnically Bashkir, a traditionally Muslim group from the area on the border between Europe and Asia. </p><p>Rustem is also a Christian and has dedicated his time away from work to serving in his Lutheran congregation in Ufa. There is much to be done to preach the gospel in word and deed, through worship, fellowship and the ministries that will be served by the new diaconal center the congregation is building. </p><p>To better serve his congregation, Rustem enrolled in an online theological education program, which has been helpful to him. But as important for his understanding of ministry are the opportunities he has through the Equipping the Faithful program to attend seminars for education and mutual support. Your gifts to this program help ensure that the Ufa congregation, and others like it, will have lay leaders such as Rustem who can help others know the love of Christ.<br>________________________________</p><p><br>Nov. 4, 2014<br>By Bradn Buerkle,<br>ELCA missionary in Russia<br><br><strong>Revitalizing congregations </strong></p><p><img alt="Nina-Siberia-11-4-14.jpg" src="http://search.elca.org/blogs/SiteAssets/Lists/Hand%20in%20Hand/Browse/Nina-Siberia-11-4-14.jpg" style="margin&#58;5px;vertical-align&#58;auto;float&#58;right;" />Nina Ottovna (photo, right)&#160;couldn't believe it.&#160;&quot;You mean you'd actually come to our congregation and run a seminar?&quot; she asked. She thought no one really knew or cared about her small and isolated congregation. The area was depressed, and the congregation also seemed to be languishing. </p><p>&quot;Could you really?&quot; she wanted to know. &quot;Yes, I can,&quot; I said. &quot;What if we have a weekend retreat in your congregation? Do you think that might help revitalize your spiritual life there? When might we do that?&quot; So began our conversation. </p><p>To be honest, it won't be easy to get to her congregation. But thanks to the gifts of brothers and sisters in Christ to the Equipping the Faithful program, congregations like Nina'a have an&#160;opportunity for renewal through education and fellowship. As they are strengthened, they gain the confidence and energy to spread God's love to their neighbors. </p></div>11/04/2014Senegal: Growing the Church Lanny Westphal, director of ELCA Global Church Sponsorshiphttp://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/455http://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/455<div class="ExternalClassDF12291E74D1415BBE9F56F7F47CF00B"><p>Read on for updates on Senegal&#58; Growing the Church (GCS4031), an ELCA Global Church Sponsorship project that is part of <em>Always Being Made New&#58; The Campaign for the ELCA</em>. To make a gift to this Global Ministry, click <a href="https&#58;//community.elca.org/senegal"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">here</span></a>.<br>----------</p></div><div class="ExternalClassDF12291E74D1415BBE9F56F7F47CF00B"><span><br>Nov. 3, 2014</span><p><img alt="Rimmer Chad and Natalie_11-5-14.jpg" src="http://search.elca.org/blogs/SiteAssets/Lists/Hand%20in%20Hand/Browse/Rimmer%20Chad%20and%20Natalie_11-5-14.jpg" style="margin&#58;5px;" /><em>Natalie and Chad Rimmer, ELCA missionaries in Senegal</em></p><p><strong>Senegal video<br></strong>Take a trip to Senegal and learn about the wonderful ministries happening now and planned for the future by the Lutheran Church of Senegal&#160; and the ELCA. Watch this short video by ELCA missionary Chad Rimmer at <a href="https&#58;//vimeo.com/110268545"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">https&#58;//vimeo.com/110268545</span></a>. <br>----------</p><p>July 2014<br><strong>THE CHURCH&#58; </strong></p><p><img alt="elca campaign logo.jpg" src="http://search.elca.org/blogs/SiteAssets/Lists/Hand%20in%20Hand/Browse/elca%20campaign%20logo.jpg" style="margin&#58;5px;vertical-align&#58;auto;float&#58;right;" />The Lutheran Church of Senegal has a ministry founded on bearing witness to the gospel in a largely Muslim context. They have had some success with their relationship with Senegal Lutheran Development Services in reaching out to educate children, provide health care for those affected by HIV and AIDS and in agricultural initiatives that help the flourishing of human community. Being in a predominately Islamic country, the church has worked hard to be witnesses through this work of God's love through Jesus the Christ. The church is currently supporting a new Lutheran church in Gambia, a neighboring country.</p><p><strong>THE NEED&#58;<br></strong>The goal of this project is to proclaim Christ and move the church's outreach to the next level. They would like to expand their outreach farther into rural areas, including southern Senegal and in Gambia.</p><p><strong>THE OPPORTUNITY&#58;<br></strong>We have the opportunity to participate in the Senegalese church's vision to help birth these new congregations. Your gifts to ELCA Global Church Sponsorship will provide training for evangelists in three areas that are not yet impacted by the church. The training will be structured to equip them for leading Bible studies in mission stations by the second year and helping to equip more evangelists by their third year. </p><p><strong>THE IMPACT&#58;</strong> <br>Christ is proclaimed throughout more communities in Senegal through the ministry of the Lutheran Church of Senegal. </p><p><strong>GET INVOLVED</strong><strong>!</strong><em> </em><br>This ELCA Global Church Sponsorship priority is a new ministry as part of<em> Always Being Made New&#58; The Campaign for the ELCA</em>. You can help by sharing this information, by praying, and by making a donation. </p><p><strong>By check&#58;</strong> Make your check payable to &quot;ELCA Global Church Sponsorship&quot; with &quot;Senegal, GCS4031&quot; in the memo line and send it to&#58; Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, ELCA Gift Processing Center, P.O. Box 1809, Merrifield, VA 22116-8009 or place your gift in the offering plate. &#160;<br><strong>Online&#58; </strong>Go to&#160;<a href="https&#58;//community.elca.org/Senegal">https&#58;//community.elca.org/Senegal</a> to make a one-time gift. <br><strong>By phone&#58; </strong>Call 800-638-3522 and pay with a credit card or set up a monthly gift.&#160;</p><p style="text-align&#58;center;">For more information please visit <a href="http&#58;//www.elca.org/globalchurch"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">www.elca.org/globalchurch</span></a> or contact&#58;<br>Rev. Lanny Westphal, director, ELCA Global Church Sponsorship<br>8765 W. Higgins Road, Chicago, IL&#160; 60631 · 773.380.2641 · <a href="mailto&#58;lanny.westphal@elca.org"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">lanny.westphal@elca.org</span></a>&#160;</p></div>11/04/2014