Hand in Handhttp://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/The toll of Israeli-Palestinian strifeDanae Hudsonhttp://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/460http://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/460<div class="ExternalClass53C24A8BB15D4F1C8E0993688BD6F494"><p>​<img alt="humus-walls_11-25-14.jpg" src="http://search.elca.org/blogs/SiteAssets/Lists/Hand%20in%20Hand/Browse/humus-walls_11-25-14.jpg" style="margin&#58;5px;" /></p><p><em>Danae and Steve Hudson are ELCA missionaries in Jerusalem. Danae works in communications for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land,</em> <a href="http&#58;//www.facebook.com/ELCJHL"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;"><em>www.facebook.com/ELCJHL</em></span></a>. <em>To support Danae and Steve, see the information below. To read Danae's blog, go to </em><a href="http&#58;//hummusnotwalls.com/"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;"><em>http&#58;//hummusnotwalls.com/</em></span></a><em>. </em>&#160;<em>To support another of the ELCA's more than 240 missionaries, go to </em><a href="http&#58;//www.elca.org/globalchurch"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;"><em>www.ELCA.org/globalchurch</em></span></a><em>.</em> </p><p>Nov. 21, 2014<br><br>I'm sure you've all seen the news, with the terrorist attack in a synagogue.&#160;What you may not have seen is the suspected lynching of a Palestinian bus driver, a Palestinian driver who ran over a handful of Israelis, the two Palestinian children who were struck in the head by plastic bullets fired into vehicles by the Israeli army, a 3-month-old Israeli child died after being struck by a Palestinian driver, and a 5-year-old Palestinian child who died after being struck by an Israeli driver.&#160; All of the Palestinians who committed terrorist attacks are dead and their family homes demolished.&#160;Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site in Islam, is closed to women, is closed to men under 60, is now closed to everyone, fanning the flames.&#160;And it just goes on and on and has been going on for weeks.&#160;&#160;</p><p>We are tired. &#160;&#160;</p><p>Our Palestinian friends shake their heads at each new death, no matter the side.&#160;They tell us to be careful.&#160;But really, we aren't worried for ourselves – we're worried for them.&#160;As each side becomes more and more extreme, it's harder to hold onto hope here.&#160;I know as Christians we are called to hope when there is no reason to hope, but that is a tall order.&#160;Taller than I can handle most days.</p><p>We are safe and we aren't afraid to walk the streets here.&#160;You are free to pray for us, but we would ask that you pray for the people we love and care about here.&#160; People who feel such sorrow at seeing this happen again and who hold such fear for their children.<br> <br>If there is something you feel moved to do, please contact your representatives and push for a peace process.&#160;Neither side is leaving or will ever leave, and the current status quo is untenable.</p><p>And finally, to take care of business, if any of you donate to Steve and I through the ELCA, there is some house-keeping regarding where donations can be sent to now&#58;</p><p><strong>By check&#58;</strong> Make payable to &quot;ELCA Global Church Sponsorship&quot; with &quot;Hudson MSG0725&quot; in the memo line. Give through your synod office or mail your check to&#58; <br>Evangelical Lutheran Church in America <br>Gift Processing Center<br> P.O. Box 1809<br> Merrifield, VA 22116-8009.</p><p><strong>By credit or debit card&#58;</strong> &#160;&#160;See <a href="https&#58;//community.elca.org/jordanholyland"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">https&#58;//community.elca.org/jordanholyland</span></a>&#160; or&#160;call 800-638-3522 and specify &quot;Hudson MSG0725.&quot;<br><strong> By automatic monthly bank withdrawal, or to establish a covenant of prayer, communication and support&#58;</strong> Contact 800-638-3522, ext. 2657, or <a href="mailto&#58;globalchurch@elca.org"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">globalchurch@elca.org</span></a>.</p></div>11/25/2014John and Barbara LeMond: A life in global missions Y. Franklin Ishidahttp://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/458http://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/458<div class="ExternalClassADABEC0F82B449EFBF4B1DE16AC5170E"><p>​<img alt="John and Barbara LeMond video screenshot_11-18-14.jpg" src="http://search.elca.org/blogs/SiteAssets/Lists/Hand%20in%20Hand/Browse/John%20and%20Barbara%20LeMond%20video%20screenshot_11-18-14.jpg" style="margin&#58;5px;" /></p><p>John and Barbara LeMond have spent most of their adult lives as missionaries. Most recently, they were ELCA missionaries in Hong Kong from 1991 until retiring this year. To watch a short video in which they talk about what a life in global missions has meant to them, click <a href="https&#58;//www.youtube.com/watch?v=53jN_egEriM"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">here</span></a>. To support another of the ELCA's more than 240 missionaries, go <a href="http&#58;//www.elca.org/Our-Work/Global-Church/Global-Church-Sponsorship"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">here</span></a>.&#160; </p></div>11/18/2014Making a new home in ColombiaCurtis and Katie Klinehttp://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/456http://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/456<div class="ExternalClassB690121A88E44A4A8E3A24CF7C59A155"><p>​<img alt="Curtis-Katie Kline_11-11-14.jpg" src="http://search.elca.org/blogs/SiteAssets/Lists/Hand%20in%20Hand/mod-view/Curtis-Katie%20Kline_11-11-14.jpg" style="margin&#58;5px;" /><br>Curtis and Katie Kline, with the rooftops of Bogota behind them.</p><p><em>Curtis and Katie Kline are new ELCA missionaries in Colombia. In this excerpt from their fall newsletter, they write about settling into a new culture. You can also read more about them and their ministry at their blog, &quot;<a href="http&#58;//8000feetandcounting.blogspot.com/">8000 Feet and Counting</a>.&quot; To support Curtis and Katie, click <a href="https&#58;//community.elca.org/Colombia">here</a>. To support&#160;another of the ELCA's more than 240 missionaries in the global church, click </em><a href="http&#58;//www.elca.org/Our-Work/Global-Church/Global-Church-Sponsorship"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;"><em>here</em></span></a>.</p><p>Can you believe we have been here just shy of three months now!?! Getting settled into our new home, our new country, and our new lives has been an experience of wonder, excitement, struggle and growth. We are moved into our own apartment in Bogota, thankfully, very close to the office. </p><p>Curtis is getting settled into his new job, learning the goals and abilities of the church in Colombia to promote and protect human rights and to build peace in the country, as well as the ways in which he can contribute. With the peace process so far successful, he will be focused on helping the church build its capacity to implement human rights and work for reconciliation. He will be doing this through trainings, community accompaniment, and network building with others in Colombia focused on similar goals. Katie is working hard to learn Spanish and to formalize her work, which will be with the women and youth ministries of Colombia. We are both high spirited about our time, experience and work in Colombia and can't wait to share it with you all.</p><p><strong>Frequently asked questions</strong></p><p><em>What has been the best part of being in Colombia?</em><br><em> </em>Hands down, the people! We work with incredibly amazing people. The people here have welcomed us and helped us more than we could have hoped for. But it doesn't stop there – people are helpful in the bus station, government offices, restaurants and everywhere else. </p><p><em>What has been the hardest part?</em><br> For both of us the language and living in and learning a new culture. The language barrier (at least right now) makes it very difficult to express ourselves fully. </p><p><em>Whom do you work with most closely? </em><br>Curtis works most closely with Andres. Andres is the other person who works with human rights here. He has also taken us both under his wing as we learn the ropes here. He has quickly become a very good friend to both of us. We are very thankful for his friendship. </p><p><em>What food do you like most there?</em><br> The fresh fruits and fresh juices. Colombia is also known as the country of fruit. Lunch is always served with fresh fruit juice (and free refills) and often a fruit salad too. But we like all the food and like trying new things; we haven't come across any food that we don't like.</p><p><em>What can we do to support you? </em><br>Communicate! Technology is so amazing. We both have WhatsApp, an app that allows us to text internationally for free (and the app is free too). We also both have Skype. We miss you and love hearing from you!</p></div>11/11/2014An ‘amazing’ challenge in South AfricaAdwoa Afrehhttp://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/454http://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/454<div class="ExternalClassF541F0E72C374B6D8755304B02BA454C"><p>​<img alt="Adwoa Afreh_group_SAfrica YAGM_11-4-14.jpg" src="http://search.elca.org/blogs/SiteAssets/Lists/Hand%20in%20Hand/Browse/Adwoa%20Afreh_group_SAfrica%20YAGM_11-4-14.jpg" style="margin&#58;5px;" /><br><span style="line-height&#58;115%;font-family&#58;&quot;times new roman&quot;,&quot;serif&quot;;font-size&#58;12pt;"><font color="#000000">Adwoa Afreh, third person from the right, is among nine Young Adults in Global Mission serving in South Africa.</font></span> </p><p><em>Adwoa Afreh, who spent the first 11 years of her life living in Ghana before moving to the United States, is a member of the ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) program serving for a year in South Africa. To support Adwoa, or one of the 62 other young adults serving in nine regions around the world, see </em><a href="http&#58;//www.elca.org/YAGMsupport"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;"><em>www.ELCA.org/YAGMsupport</em></span></a><em>.</em><em>&#160; </em></p><p>Greetings from the south. It has been two months since I began my journey, and what a glorious two months thus far. I'd like to give you an overview of what has been happening. I am fully immersed in the Tswana culture (one of many cultures of South Africa), learning, eating, singing, communicating, etc., in the Tswana culture. My community has taken on the challenge to make me &quot;Tswana girl&quot; before I return to the States, and thus far everything about this challenge is amazing to be a part of.</p><p>While here, I have two work placements. The first placement site is Bethlehem Lutheran Church, &#160;where I assist with administrative work. Some of the work includes grouping data logs of the church's finances, members and councils. My church congregation is a little more than 200 members and growing so there is constant computing of logs. My second placement is at Tshupe Orphan and Vulnerable Children Hospice. My service here includes helping with lunch for the children who are part of their after-school program, assisting with the bi-monthly sessions on hygiene and sex education, and occasionally being an extra member of their pick-up soccer games.</p><p>These are my two site placements for now. In the future, some placements will be added and some taken out, depending on the need of each placement. It is a privilege to be doing service here. No day is the same. </p></div>11/04/2014Youth for YAGMLanny Westphal, director of ELCA Global Church Sponsorshiphttp://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/459http://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/459<div class="ExternalClass5E8FECC4A8A04B93951A97F6337ABEAD"><p><img alt="Youth for YAGM_11-17-14.jpg" src="http://search.elca.org/blogs/SiteAssets/Lists/Hand%20in%20Hand/Browse/Youth%20for%20YAGM_11-17-14.jpg" style="margin&#58;5px;" /><br><br>Connect your youth with ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM)!</p><p>*&#160;Your youth group is invited to make covenants of prayer, mutual communication and financial support for a YAGM group or individual participant. (See <a href="http&#58;//www.elca.org/YAGMsupport"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">www.ELCA.org/YAGMsupport</span></a>.)</p><p>*&#160;YAGMs are young adults (age 21-29) who serve for a year in one of eight country groups&#58; Argentina/Uruguay, Jerusalem/West Bank, Madagascar, Mexico, Central Europe (Hungary), Southern Africa and the United Kingdom – and new in 2014, Rwanda! (See <a href="http&#58;//www.elca.org/Our-Work/Global-Church/Global-Mission/Young-Adults-in-Global-Mission"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">www.ELCA.org/YAGM</span></a>.) </p><p>__________</p><p><br>Nov. 14, 2014<br>By Lanny Westphal</p><p><strong>2015 ELCA Youth Gathering will support YAGMs</strong></p><p>In Detroit, synod youth leaders&#160;gathered this weekend from across the ELCA to prepare for next July's ELCA Youth Gathering. The theme of the &quot;synod day&quot; at the Youth Gathering will be &quot;How Jesus is good news.&quot; To illustrate this theme, Karis Ailabouni, who served last year with the ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM), told a story on YouTube about how Jesus was good news to her through the people who welcomed her warmly and enthusiastically when she first arrived to serve in Madagascar. Hear her moving story at <a href="https&#58;//www.youtube.com/watch?v=r51Ex7kTItE&amp;feature=em-upload_owner#action=share"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">https&#58;//www.youtube.com/watch?v=r51Ex7kTItE&amp;feature=em-upload_owner#action=share</span></a>.</p><p>In these months before the Youth Gathering, youth from your synod can connect to exciting global missionaries like Karis! Congregations and youth groups are encouraged sponsor a YAGM, especially those with connections in your synod, by making a covenant of prayer, communication and financial support. Learn how to do this at <a href="http&#58;//www.elca.org/YAGMsupport"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">www.ELCA.org/YAGMsupport</span></a>&#160; or contact <a href="mailto&#58;globalchurch@elca.org"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">globalchurch@elca.org</span></a>. Then consider involving your YAGM in &quot;synod day&quot; in July at the Gathering in Detroit or spend the next few months learning about what missionaries and YAGM do.&#160; </p><p>A fourth of the offering at the Youth Gathering closing worship will be used to support missionaries and YAGMs, so the coming months offer a great opportunity for youth going to Detroit to learn how their gifts will be turned into exciting global ministries.<br> __________<br>&#160;<br>January 2014<br>By Lanny Westphal</p><p><strong>Youth for YAGM – the goals and benefits</strong></p><p>*&#160;Teach youth about stewardship, global mission and servant leadership</p><p>*&#160;Give youth an opportunity to teach their whole congregation about stewardship, global mission and servant leaderships</p><p>*&#160;Continue the excitement for youth who have taken part in the ELCA Malaria Campaign or the 100 Wells Challenge</p><p>*&#160;Use digital communication to foster international peer role-modeling</p><p>*&#160;Provide an opportunity for young people to consider their own vocations</p><p>*&#160;Support an exciting, growing ELCA global ministry</p><p><strong>Youth for YAGM – three simple steps</strong></p><p>Step 1&#58; On the covenant form, write your congregation or sponsoring ministry (such as synod or campus ministry) and your youth group.</p><p>Step 2&#58; Write down the YAGM individual or group you've chosen.</p><p>Step 3&#58; Choose your level of support. It can be any amount, large or small – then send it in!</p><p><strong>For more information<br></strong>Email <a href="mailto&#58;globalchurch@elca.org"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">globalchurch@elca.org</span></a> or call 800-638-3522, ext. 2657, to request information about YAGM groups and individuals in service. You can also request a &quot;sponsor covenant&quot; to make a covenant commitment for prayer, communication and financial support, or download a covenant at <a href="http&#58;//www.elca.org/resources/globalchurch"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">www.ELCA.org/resources/globalchurch</span></a>.</p></div>10/30/2014International Leaders – WomenLanny Westphal, director of ELCA Global Church Sponsorshiphttp://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/445http://elca.org/News-and-Events/blogs/HandInHand/445<div class="ExternalClass178C482ADDFB484E9778488A49AD045C"><p>Read on for updates on International Leaders – Women (GCS5000), an ELCA Global Church Sponsorship initiative that is part of <em>Always Being Made New&#58; The Campaign for the ELCA</em> to equip more than 200 additional international women leaders through increased scholarships and educational opportunities. To learn more or make a gift, click <a href="http&#58;//www.elca.org/Our-Work/Global-Church/Global-Church-Sponsorship/Supporting-International-Leaders-and-Scholarships"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">here</span></a>.</p><p>----------</p><p><span style="line-height&#58;115%;font-family&#58;&quot;times new roman&quot;,&quot;serif&quot;;font-size&#58;12pt;"><font color="#000000">Nov. 24, 2014</font></span><br><br><img alt="women leaders_group_11-27-14.jpg" src="http://search.elca.org/blogs/SiteAssets/Lists/Hand%20in%20Hand/Browse/women%20leaders_group_11-27-14.jpg" style="margin&#58;5px;" /><br><em>International women leaders from around the world gathered in Germany.</em> </p><p><strong>International women leaders discuss Lutheran identity, leadership<br></strong><br>CHICAGO (ELCA) – Women leaders from across the Global South discussed the role and contribution of women in church and society as part of an annual seminar supported by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's (ELCA) International Leaders–Women program. The seminar, which took place Oct. 26 to Nov. 1 in Wittenberg, Germany, hosted 13 women leaders from Mexico, India, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Madagascar, Palestine, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Serbia and Hungary.<br><br><img alt="women leaders_3 pastors_11-27-14.jpg" src="http://search.elca.org/blogs/SiteAssets/Lists/Hand%20in%20Hand/Browse/women%20leaders_3%20pastors_11-27-14.jpg" style="margin&#58;5px;vertical-align&#58;auto;float&#58;right;" />Over the course of the event, the women read and discussed excerpts from Martin Luther's writings, learned the stories of women of the Reformation including Katharina von Bora, wife of Martin Luther, and shared the experiences and contributions of women in each of the participants' home country and church. Many of the women were paired with other leaders from their home countries (one established leader and one younger woman with leadership potential) to encourage continued mentoring and networking beyond the seminar. In addition to in-classroom discussion, the women visited the sites of Wittenberg, the grave of Katharina von Bora in Torgau, and a special exhibition titled &quot;A Strong Women's History&#58; 500 Years of Reformation&quot; in Rochlitz.<br><br>&quot;The Reformation women and the group we had together this week has strengthened my faith and given me hope that no matter what challenges we face, we can still move forward. There is hope and we believe one day we shall overcome,&quot; said Eva Banda, a seminar participant from Malawi.<br><br>&quot;I have discovered that we all have problems. When you are in your country, you might think other countries don't have problems, but we all have problems. It has reminded me that Jesus came for the weak. Women are considered weak, but Jesus is here for us, and he will make us strong,&quot; said Banda.<br><br>The Rev. Martina Helmer-Pham Xuan, ELCA Global Mission regional representative in Europe, attended along with teaching staff Wanda Deifelt, professor of religion at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa; and Kathryn A. Kleinhans, Mike and Marge McCoy Family Distinguished Chair in Lutheran Heritage and Mission and professor of religion at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. Luther and Wartburg are two of 26 ELCA colleges and universities.</p><p>&quot;The seminar exceeded our expectations,&quot; said Kleinhans. &quot;I don't know whether it was more inspiring to share the stories of 16th century women reformers or to hear the stories these 21st century women brought with them.&quot;</p><p>Through the International Leaders–Women priority of <em>Always Being Made New&#58; The Campaign for the ELCA</em>, up to 100 women from across the Global South will be given the opportunity to participate in the annual seminars over the next three years. The program will also develop more than 200 women leaders from the ELCA's global companion churches through increased scholarship support and educational opportunities. In total, <em>The Campaign for the ELCA</em> aims to raise $4 million by Feb. 1, 2019, to support the International Leaders–Women program and its initiatives.</p><p>&quot;The International Leaders–Women program is our opportunity as a church to invest in the future of women across the world,&quot; said Tammy Jackson, International Leadership Development program director, ELCA Global Mission. &quot;The time has come for a strategic emphasis on the role of women in the life and development of the church and society and <em>The Campaign for the ELCA</em> is our moment to make that happen.&quot;</p><p>Information about the campaign is available at <a href="http&#58;//www.elca.org/campaign%20"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">www.ELCA.org/campaign </span></a>. </p><p>----------<br>Sept. 30, 2014&#160;</p><p>Find this story in a ready-to-use &quot;Mission of the Month&quot; format at <a href="http&#58;//www.elca.org/resources/globalchurch"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">www.ELCA.org/resources/globalchurch</span></a> under the &quot;Stories&quot; tab.<br><br>&#160;<img alt="Cuyatti_9-29-14.jpg" src="http://search.elca.org/blogs/SiteAssets/Lists/Hand%20in%20Hand/Browse/Cuyatti_9-29-14.jpg" style="margin&#58;5px;" /><br><span style="line-height&#58;115%;font-family&#58;&quot;times new roman&quot;,&quot;serif&quot;;font-size&#58;12pt;"><font color="#000000"><em>The Rev. Patricia Cuyatti preaches during a </em><br><em>visit to the Guatemalan Lutheran Church.</em></font></span></p></div><div class="ExternalClass178C482ADDFB484E9778488A49AD045C"><p><strong>Freedom's responsibilities<br></strong>By Nathan Schmidt</p><p>The Rev. Patricia Cuyatti is an International Leader whose journey through faith has always been first and foremost built on a journey for discovery. In 1974, when she was 7 years old, she passed by the Alliance Christian Missionary Church near her school in Peru and noticed many children attending the church even when school was out. Wondering, &quot;What are these kids learning about?&quot; she joined in the church's activities the next Sunday, gradually bringing her family into the faith as well. In 1992, she joined the Peruvian Lutheran Evangelical Church as a volunteer and studied at seminary to become one of her church's first ordained pastors and later president of the church. However, she began to ask why more women did not have the opportunity to be ordained and wanted to be able to contribute more to her church and community.</p><p>To gain the opportunity to contribute theologically to her home church, Patricia applied with the endorsement of her church for the ELCA's International Leaders scholarship program.&#160;From 2005 to 2010, she studied at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and earned a Ph.D. in systematic theology. She admires what she calls the program's &quot;rich view&quot; – its international diversity of students. However, the greatest impact of the scholarship program for her came in its ability to open her up to larger perspectives of her faith and the world. Freedom,&quot; she emphasizes, &quot;and the concept of living in freedom with responsibility … really reshaped my life.&quot;</p><p>Patricia holds that responsibility she earned close to her heart. After completing her program, she joined The Lutheran World Federation as the executive secretary for the Latin America and Caribbean desk, helping build relationships between a variety of member churches.&#160;To Patricia, this commitment to the church and community is a natural part of faith. &quot;We are people of faith,&quot; she says.&#160; </p><p>There are many challenges along the way to mutual understanding&#58; Many Latin American women face obstacles in their studies. Forced to choose between their responsibilities to their families and their desire to learn, they continue to struggle for equality and freedom. The ELCA's scholarships have helped international women such as Patricia gain access to education, allowing them to explore new opportunities in life. But even then, International Leaders have the responsibility to return and help their community grow. For her own part, Patricia says, &quot;My plan is to contribute as much as I can to the work and mission of the member churches,&quot; making the most of the gifts God has given her.</p><p>Patricia understands and appreciates the help the ELCA has provided her in her efforts to develop as a leader. &quot;I hope that the ELCA continues thinking about leadership development in other countries,&quot; she says, &quot;because people who are trained go back to their churches – and I hope they go back – or to positions that contribute to their churches.&quot;</p><p>Through <em>Always Being Made New&#58; The Campaign for the ELCA,</em> our church has committed to help 200 more international women like Patricia gain access to educational opportunities through the International Leaders program. To make a gift or learn more, visit <a href="http&#58;//www.elca.org/InternationalLeaders"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">www.ELCA.org/InternationalLeaders</span></a>. </p><p>----------</p><p>Fall 2013<br><strong>God has opened the door</strong></p><p><img alt="Sanchita Kisku.jpg" src="http://search.elca.org/blogs/SiteAssets/Lists/Hand%20in%20Hand/Browse/Sanchita%20Kisku.jpg" style="margin&#58;5px;vertical-align&#58;auto;float&#58;left;" /><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>Click <a href="http&#58;//download.elca.org/ELCA%20Resource%20Repository/ELCA%20Fall%202013%20HIH%20newsletter.pdf"><span style="text-decoration&#58;underline;">here</span></a> to read this story of Sanchita Kisku, an international women leader from India.&#160; </p></div>10/30/2014