Our Approach

For many years, the ELCA has been supporting clinics and programs in Africa that provide health care. Now, through the ELCA Malaria Campaign, we are focusing on malaria with new intensity. By joining hands with Lutheran partners in 13 African countries, we are becoming part of the global movement to make malaria history.

How we work

The ELCA Malaria Campaign funds programs of companion churches and Lutheran partners in education, prevention and treatment of malaria by:

  • providing life-saving health care, including medicine to treat malaria
  • training pastors, church volunteers and health care providers to diagnose and treat malaria
  • teaching people how to protect themselves from the mosquitoes that spread malaria, recognize symptoms and seek treatment
  • distributing insecticide-treated mosquito nets and providing training on proper use
  • providing preventative medication to protect pregnant women and their babies
  • encouraging governments to provide adequate health care and engage in malaria prevention activities
  • supporting community projects to control the environments where mosquitoes breed
  • promoting sustainable livelihoods through participation in village savings and loans groups so that community members can afford mosquito nets, transport and health care
  • gathering people together to discuss the importance of malaria prevention and control

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