Mosquitos on a roll!

Allison Beebe

The ELCA Malaria Campaign has been a part of many Vacation Bible School programs throughout the ELCA this summer. Children have been learning about how the ELCA is working against this preventable and treatable disease in creative and engaging ways.

Participants in the Vacation Bible School ministry at Abiding Presence Lutheran Church in San Antonio, TX, joined together in raising money to contribute to the efforts of the ELCA Malaria campaign. They learned about how mosquitos transmit the parasite that carries malaria, and how their church is responding. As a reminder of this, participants built mosquitos out of pipe cleaners and quarter rolls. ​

Quarter Roll Mosquito compressed.jpg

Participants took these quarter roll mosquitos home, removed the quarter roll and filled it with quarters from piggy banks, coin jars and gifts. Each day, during the opening worship at VBS, participants offered these filled quarter rolls as our VBS offering.  At the end of the week the participants had raised an astounding $616.00 from their quarter roll mosquitos! 

For directions on how to make a classic pipe cleaner mosquito, check out Day 1 of the Catch the Buzz curriculum (page 14). To make a quarter roll mosquito, use an additional pipe cleaner to connect the quarter roll "body" with the mosquito's legs and wings. It's a fun craft, a simple fundraiser, and a great visual reminder of the Malaria Campaign! 

Thanks to everyone at Abiding Presence who helped to make VBS a fun and meaningful experience for all involved. Special thanks to Julie Magadance of the Southwestern Texas Synod for sharing this story from her congregation! We welcome you to submit your own creative ideas to