Catch the Buzz... about God's love!

Megan Flowers, summer intern

​Last week I was welcomed by a wonderful community at All Saints Lutheran Church in Palatine, IL for their Catch the Buzz…about God's Love! Vacation Bible School. After working at camp the last two summers, it was a breath of fresh air to work with a great group of kids again. They were amazing, goofy, loving, bright and curious. 

All Saints Crew for web.jpg
Photo: This group (from bottom: Alassandro, Charlie, Carl) has a fun time with their crew leader Becki during snack.

As the Bible Study/Story Time leader I had the pleasure of sitting down in conversation with all of the elementary school children each day. It was amazing how passionately they connected with the Love in Action story on the last day. The youngest ones especially empathized with the widow who gave everything she had (Luke 21:1-4). Remembering that a malaria test can be purchased with a gift of only $1, many of them urgently told me “I have a dollar at home!” ​

All Saints Kate smiles for web.jpg
Sweet Kate excitedly waits to sing as everyone gathers for the day's closing. 

All Saints had lots of creative additions to the Catch the Buzz! curriculum. For example, a secret donor known as @HiddenMoney, created a treasure hunt for VBS participants to find "treasure" as they moved between activities. The kids loved finding the treasure and getting to place it in the waterfall where the ELCA Malaria Campaign offering was collected. 

All Saints Vikki - Marla for web.jpg
Photo: The crowd loved the interactive skits with Marla the mosquito (VBS Co-coordinator, Vikki Drucker), her nasty parasite Plasmo and Pastor Seth Moland-Kovash. 

It was a fantastic week at All Saints, spent with a great group kids and wonderful volunteers.  I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to spend the week with them!

Photos courtesy of Pastor Jenn Moland-Kovash at All Saints Lutheran Church. ​​​