The Blue Sweater


A book review:

Novogratz, Jacqueline. The Blue Sweater: Bridging the Gap Between Rich and Poor in an Interconnected World.  Rodale Books: New York, 2009.

Novogratz takes us on her global journey as she travels the world, her vocations, and her self-understanding.  She writes about physical travel but she also travels from being a young international banker to a specialist in the organization and networking of NGOs which serve the poorest of the poor.  She also travels the intellectual road starting at being an aid giver to being one who accompanies others as they discover their own way out of poverty.  Of course I was most interested in chapter 15 where she addresses malaria.  She writes:

“…his hut was situated on a stamp-size patch of dirt that had a single stalk of maize growing outside his front door…At that time, he estimated his earning as a day laborer in nearby fields at about $6.00 a month, but he was quick to tell us that malaria often kept him from working ‘Sometimes it is so hard to move when you have malaria.  You just stay inside and shake and try to sleep off the terrible ache in your head.’”

Novogratz writes of the man getting a bed net and how over the next three years he is able to plant is own corn – enough to feed him for a year, and purchase luxury items like soap, matches, and bowls.

- by Mark Anderson, NE Iowa Synod

Posted by Jessica Nipp,
ELCA Malaria Campaign