Overcoming malaria in Zambia


​Zambia is one of the countries that is already benefiting from ELCA Malaria Campaign funding. Recently a colleague of mine, Matt Bishop, traveled to Zambia and got to see firsthand some of the malaria interventions that are taking place there.

This is one of the photos that Matt took while he was visiting Chavuma, Zambia.  It depicts the Lutheran church in Chavuma. You may not notice at first glance, but this church is a great example of malaria prevention and malaria education. A few weeks before Matt’s visit, the congregation gathered together to level and fill the ground surrounding the church. They had noticed that during the rainy season, the unlevel ground would fill with water in some spots, encouraging mosquito breeding.

After the ground was leveled and filled in, the church grounds were much safer for the congregation. In addition, all of the congregation members learned valuable malaria prevention skills that they were able to implement in their own yards!

That’s the ELCA Malaria Campaign in action.

- Jessica Nipp
Coordinator, ELCA Malaria Campaign