“The ELCA Must Always Be Part of this Fight”


​The Rev. Dr. Joseph Bvumbwe is Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malawi. He was interviewed by the ELCA Malaria Campaign, and had this to say about our common effort to fight malaria:

“Malaria for some time now has been neglected as a major killer, even more than HIV and AIDS together. We have been crying out, but for some reason this cry went unheard for many years. We cannot wait any more.

“We are now looking for ways and means to begin to implement an effective malaria prevention program, as well as awareness-building within the communities, so that communities can be aware of what malaria can do, and how malaria kills and how we can prevent it.

“We are a church not to ourselves; we are a church in society. We are a church for the people and the church is nothing but the people. We find it really an obligation. We don’t think we have any choice.  We are compelled by the love of Christ to ensure that we can alleviate human suffering and, where possible, end it altogether.

“We can’t do it on our own here. We know that we are short of certain important elements of this fight. The ELCA must always be a part of this fight and we need their support in order to succeed.”