With a grateful heart

Catherine Fink

I read a blog (Loving Poland) yesterday in which the author was inspired by another blog to list some “awesome things.” I’ve been inspired similarly…here’s my list from the last few days.

*a beloved pastor’s beautiful spirit clearly evident despite the disease that is taking his body

*the excitement and willingness of a volunteer whose task will be organization of a super-unorganized office closet

*the blessing of learning and community found in conferences (ie. Book of Faith Jubilee at Luther SeminaryAnnual Recreation Conference at Montreat)

*the sharing of ideas across churches, synods, denominations, countries, and the worldwide web (for instance, I just learned about www.volunteerspot.com)

*a pastor’s contientiousness to return a DVD to the resource center that involved a detour for the church bus and senior citizens’ field trip

*the fragrance of honeysuckle that will just about knock you over

*a sacred meal shared with family in the form of grilled hotdogs in pretzel buns (it can happen…I was there!)

*a blog celebrating the Global Mission of our church, the ministry of young adults, and the work of the spirit in Poland

These are just a few of the simple things for which I’ve been especially grateful today. Thanks be to God!