A Focus for the New Year

Cindi Eckert

A new year always brings a sense of adventure, newness, and a change of pace to the soul. Isn’t it exciting to think that as we step into a fresh new year, we enter a season of renewal? We have hope for the year, and pray for a good one! We have just celebrated our Savior’s birth.

Now we take down our lights and pack our beloved Christmas treasures carefully and lovingly into boxes, to store for next year. The time has come for us to huddle down and experience some introspection: Where do I see myself in the next New Year?

A wonderful blank canvas has been laid out before us- just waiting to be filled. This year I challenge you to walk closer to Jesus, for Christ’s birth dramatically changed the world as we know it.

When Christ entered the world, the Gospel was proclaimed to the ends of the earth. Celebrating Christmas therefore, is celebrating the wonder of Incarnation, something that Christians cherish and hold close to their hearts. Jesus Christ and his life on earth was dedicated to expressing the fullest possible way humans could unite with God.

Christmas changed everything. God is reachable, through the power of Christ when Jesus took on flesh. So ask yourself, is there room in your hearts for Christ today? This year? To the end of time?

May his love shine bright for you and upon this world as we begin anew.

(Cindi has been the Director for the Sierra Pacific Synod for three years. Cindi sees Resource Centers as valuable and important assets for congregations. She believes Resource Centers serve as a nexus between the technology of today and the timelessness of our faith.)